AAP Punjab: Bunch of inexperienced, crazy people

“Aam Adami Party neither has a credible face nor a vision agenda to match its vaulting ambition to be Punjab’s next ruling party”

AAp punjab

In the run-up to assembly polls in Punjab, AAP is claiming a clear majority by securing at least 100 seats out of 117 but the state unit is marked by infighting, dissent and leadership crisis. None of the members of the state leadership are known public figures and there is no clarity on who the AAP’s face in Punjab will be?

aap-punjab-feb1-1_647_012116075808So far Arvind Kejrwal is the face of the party even in Punjab and they don’t have any other tall leader in party. AAP is on a hunt to find chief minister candidate for the state but has not been able to find anyone. The party tried to rope in Navjot Singh Sidhu, BJP leader and former MP from Amritsar but failed to do so. AAP was then desperate to get Manpreet Singh Badal, Founder of People’s Party of Punjab onto party fold but to their disappointment, he eventually merged with congress.

Aam Adami Party in Punjab may not have any difficulty in deciding party leader in state, but that is mainly due to the fact that there exists a complete leadership vacuum!

Furthermore, the views of the fragmented state leadership have proven to be jarring. Infighting within the ranks is regular feature and consensus amongst the leaders of the AAP in Punjab is very rare, particularly when a major decision is to be taken.

AAP’s predicament in the state was visible in its performance in the by-elections in Patiala City and Talwandi Sabo, which were held in August last year. Both the party’s candidates; Harjeet Singh Adaltiwala and Baljinder Kaur even lost their deposits.

Lack of vision in Punjab

AAP relies heavily on rhetoric and lacks substance. Besides lacking organizational structure, AAP in Punjab doesn’t have a blueprint in place. Be it agriculture, industry, education, health, water or electricity, AAP doesn’t have a clearly defined vision for anything.

AAP might have been successful in grabbing eyeballs by projecting itself as party with a difference but its bubble is about to burst. They may claim Punjab as their strongest ground but the fact that three times in a row after Dhuri by-election, AAP denied the electorate an opportunity to evaluate their offer of alternate politics proves that it is all hype and lacks no substance!

AAP in Punjab is a lack of collective ideology of its senior leaders. While some of them like to play on the nationalistic fervour, other members have a Left leaning, and yet many among them have Panthic leaning. Worse, each one of them sees himself as the next Chief Minister!



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