Brute majority, a liability for AAP

The brute majority has become a liability for Aam Aadmi Party rather than an advantage as the government now one year into the office has developed cold feet on the pet issues that drove the party to power.

 Pet issues take a back seat

The pet issues raised by AAP to capture power included the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill, Swaraj Act, full statehood to Delhi and a fight against corruption. These were the issues on which the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party Government had resigned after 49 days in its previous stint. 


As the saying goes that coming events cast their shadows before, in the same way the growing workload and pressure of day to day working is mounting on the government with every passing day. If the work continues at this pace, none of the poll promises would be achieved and all major issues would take a back seat. 

AAP berefet of a roadmap

It appears that Aam Aadmi Party Government has no roadmap to execute the projects and fructify the promises that it made to electorate.  People in Delhi streets can often be herd commenting that the poll promises made by AAP were aimed at misleading voters to come to power and that none of the promises could be fulfilled.  In its one year of rule, the AAP has proved to be absolutely hopeless. The brute majority has become a liability for AAP rather than being an advantage. The party does not appear to have any vision to achieve the target, its core issues.

Controversies galore

The first year of AAP government has apparently been marred by controversies surrounding its ministers, their family members, legislators and government officials.  Little doubt that no serious job worth its name has been executed by the government that had raised high hopes, till now. People say that the tall promises of AAP were a bundle of lies aimed at garnering votes during the election and not to be fulfilled.

The 365 days of Aap Aadmi Government in Delhi have proved to be a total failure with only achievement of “finding fault” in almost everything and everybody. The large controversies in which Arvind Kejriwal and his party had been embroiled have left little time for him and the party to concentrate on the citizens of Delhi and their needs. This has led to a situation when common people who voted Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party to power with such overwhelming majority feeling “frustrated” with no results on the ground level.


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