For Kejriwal, state interests are subordinate to personal likes

It is said that “not even the king has the right to subordinate the interests of the state to his personal sympathies or antipathies,” but when it comes to Arvind Kejriwal, his personal likes and dislikes matter most and take precedence over all other things.


His dislike for those Municipal Corporations that were led by Bharatiya Janta Party was visible to everyone when he refused to release funds from the State Government for these elected bodies.  The case is sight is of the cash-strapped North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) had knocked on AAP dispensation’s door, seeking release of funds due to it from Delhi government.

Refuses funds to BJP led MCs

It was not only the release of funds to the three BJP-led municipal corporations from the Delhi State Government but also release of global shares and Municipal Reform Fund that these corporations deserved as elected civic bodies. The fund release issue led to a war of words between the civic bodies side and the AAP government on many occassions .

Dilly dally over 4th Finance Commission

Arvind Kejriwal and Aadm Aadmi Party also did some dilly dally over tabling of Delhi’s Fourth Finance Commission report in the Assembly. The result was that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation faced serious difficulties in performing its functions and disbursing salaries to its employees, on which thousands of families are dependent. The only reason was that Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal was not releasing the due funds.

Naturally those opposed to Arvind Kejriwal and his style of functioning were quick to react that “not even the king has the right to subordinate the interests of the state to his personal sympathies or antipathies.” After all the ruler has to have a big heart that embraces all.

Governance is not politics

Kejriwal should have realised that governance is not pure politics but one has to rise and behave like a statesman to take care for an inclusive development of the State that one rules and not discriminate with people who had voted against him and his Aadmi Party.  Neglecting the municipal corporations that voted against Aadm Aadmi Party would only fuel anger and rage against the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP and he would go down in the memory lane as a leader who fast lost the big ground in a short span of just one year.


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