Crime against women in Delhi up by 20%

“Five rapes and 10 molestations are taking place in the national capital daily despite Delhi government’s assurance of improving security for women”


The dubious distinction of Delhi as the ‘Rape Capital of Country’ got cemented even further as there has been sharp rise in rape figures in last one year. According to data of Delhi police, crime against women in the capital has gone up by 20% in 2015 as compared to 2014.

Even as the city has been informally referred to as such, data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) backs Delhi’s dubious reputation. As per NCRB figures, Delhi not only tops among all states but is also leading among all cities of the country as far as reported cases of rape are concerned.

According to data by NCRB, Delhi reported 1,813 rape cases per one-lakh members of the population; corresponding figure for Mumbai was 607 cases. According to the statistics, among the four metros, Kolkata is the safest city on this front, with only 36 cases reported.

These figures show a disturbing trend of crime against women in Delhi. AAP came to power with promise to improve security for women, but so far it has not done anything in this regard.

Alarming crime rate against women

Delhi continues to climb the charts of crime against women very steeply with a rape being reported every four hours and a molestation every two hours in the Capital in 2015.

Failure of justice delivery mechanism

As the crime rates rise, the police claim that every case is getting registered. Delhi police claims that rape victims are openly coming forwards to report the cases. But the number of cases has not decreased with more reporting. There have been instances when people have been harassed and humiliated in the process of getting justice.

Delhi government has failed not just in curbing crime against women but also in justice delivery system. While the data released by Delhi police and NCRB are scary, there is another side which is even more scary, Each time we think of rape, we all have this mental image of this victim being subjugated to a stranger, stalking, lurking and inflicting her with unknown horrors.


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