Arvind Kejriwal, a man of U-turns

Kejriwal, “I promise not to promise anymore.”


A year ago, AAP supremo was campaigning with his ideal list of agendas in the national capital to contest Delhi elections second time.

Kejriwal’s AAP had drafted a long list of tasks to be performed after winning the elections. Finally, AAP succeeded in the elections by a landslide victory of 67 out of 70 seats.

Aam Admi Party government has been completing one year in this month and the promises they made before elections are far from reality.

Promises Vs Reality

He promised to attain “Swaraj”, means a self-governance where people would get the right to participate in the decision making. But, practically, at the time of decision making, kejriwal started acting like a dictator and expelled his old colleagues Prashant and Yogender when they criticised him for self-centric approach.

AAP had made several people-oriented promises in its manifesto like setting up 500 new schools and 20 new colleges. However, the aim could not be achieved by Kejriwal as the project required 2800 acres of land.

A free wi-fi throughtout Delhi but still the people are waiting for the free wi-fi in the capital.

Over 55,000 immediate vacant posts would be filled. The plan of Kejriwal failed to take off.

Kejriwal repeatedly said that AAP leaders and representatives would live as Aam Admi but after winning the elections,Kejriwal requested for allotment of two Bungalows.

 Kejriwal said he has 370 pageproof against Sheila Dixit and once his government comes to power, he will send her to jail within two days. After taking power he had lost all proofs.

Kejriwal had mentioned that party would protect common man from rising prices. In one year of Kejriwal’s term, VAT on petrol and diesel hiked two times. Power and water tariff rates also raised in the national capital.

Before elections he said the party would promote clean image politics. On the opposite, his law minister Jitender Tomar was arrested on the fake degree charges. Another cabinet minister of AAP government, Somnath Bhartiwas arrested on a domestic abuse case after his wife alleged he beat her for a long period.

Kejriwal said he is against VIP culturebut on camera he is seen with a big security and he also got Z security.

He promised that 900 new primary health centres would be built but the dream still remained in the manifesto only.

The vacant posts of 4000 doctors and 15000 paramedics are still not filled as promised by Kejriwal.

 Kejriwal’s “rehashed”manifesto

When the “Aam Admi Party” had launched the manifesto of making Delhi a true Delhi, the political rivals had termed the manifesto as “Rehashed” document. Allegations were levelled against the AAP for misleading the people by the fake promises. At that time, Kejriwal had challenged the rivals that the vision of the party is clear and people centric. However, a year passed the promise is still a distant dream for the Delhi people.


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