What positive agenda do you have for Punjab Mr Khaira?

When AAM ADMI Party entered in Punjab and won four Lok Sabha seats in 2014 general elections, leaders from the rival parties who were declared “deadwood” got a chance to try their luck in the new party.


Sukhpal Khaira, who was declared as deadwood by his former Congress party had found a new platform AAP as he had failed in SAD and Congress. However, Khaira has no positive agenda for Punjab except levelling allegations against the political rival.

“Make hay while it is sunshine”, Khaira’s policy

A directionless and aimless, Khaira failed to get a higher rank in the new Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee team of Capt Amrinder Singh. But his meetings with Arvind Kejriwal at Delhi brought results and AAP accepted Khaira.

Khaira has a sordid past of taking advantages by switching over the parties. In a span of 20 years in politics, Khaira has not given a single independent positive agenda for Punjab.

Khaira: hungry for grabbing headlines only

Khaira has himself made a fan following in social media. Whenever an important issue rose in Punjab, he always gets ready to add his video clip on social media websites. Failing to present his own positive agenda for Punjab, Khaira plays his trick to level allegations against political rivals.

When Khaira was in Congress party, he held press conferences in Chandigarh against the ruling regime of SAD-BJP government. Whether he knew the issue or not but he had an agenda to speak against the party.

In Aam Admi Party fold, he has started targeting Congress party leaders especially Capt Amrinder Singh. Fingers raised at Khaira’s credibility that whey he did not expose the Congress leaders at that time. Why he suddenly started speaking against his former party leadership? Khaira is only a headline hunter.

After joining AAP, Khaira has been visiting in Punjab and making his video clips on different issues so that he could win the faith of public as well as his new party.

Khaira’s aimless vision for Punjab

In political rallies of APP, Khaira was seen raising the issue of farmers’ suicides, corruption, drugs and all. Despite raising the issues, Khaira has no concrete vision positive vision for Punjab except talking garrulously in a high tone to grab the interest of public.

People of Bholath had given him a chance in 2007 to serve them but Khaira did not deliver anything to them. Only he had made tall claims while contesting the election at that time. He was thrice defeated from Bholath constituency by SAD candidate.


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