From Molestation to bribe, AAP leaders have it all

AAP is once again in trouble after its legislator from Ballimaran and Delhi’s minister for Environment and Food and Civil Supplies Imran Hussain’s associate had been caught on camera demanding Rs. 30 lakh bribe on his behalf.


AAP minister earlier tried to safeguard his sibling

A month ago, despite every effort made by Imran Hussain to save his brother, Furqan Hussain got booked for allegedly molesting a woman coming to his office to discuss about a notice sent to her by civic body. Aam Aadmi Party Minister’s brother made some obscene & vulgar gestures, to which the woman objected. He also instigated her of getting into a physical relationship with him. She was then threatened by Furqan, not to go and lodge a complaint against him. She dared and got him arrested.

New low in politics for AAP

Had molesters like Furqan Hussain been punished and ministers who support them been sacked, AAP would have done some good in one year of their rule. Instead AAP MLA made “desperate attempt to hide the unlawful deeds of his brother”.

Since the formation of AAP government in February last year, most of its leaders have either been arrested or booked in cases related to molestations, fraud, corruption, etc. More than 50% of AAP’s leaders who rode to power in Capital city on its promises of corruption-free governance have been sacked till date. While the party claims that fighting corruption is in its DNA, reality presents contrary reports against the party leaders as well as their family members.



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