AAP’s one year of blaming Modi government

Kejriwal is all set to present Aam Aadmi Party’s annual report card as it completes one year, not as a true government but as a government who has failed to fulfill its promises and blamed Modi all over the year. The party just had 49 days last time to blame Modi for its failures but this time it has successfully completed its one year of the blame game.


Controversies & just Controversies
Past one year, Kejriwal had been either into controversies with his own colleagues or clashes with the BJP. Be it a ugly war of words with Lt Governor Najeeb Jung or Kejriwal’s controversial TV ads or his party member’s fake degrees or “Thulla” remarks or corruption charges against it party members. As he completes one year in office, it’s time to ask what has the AAP government achieved and where has Kejriwal failed to deliver?

  • Has Kejriwal failed in fighting against corruption?
  • Is Kejriwal’s constant conflict with centre affecting its governance?
  • Was expelling leaders like Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan a mistake?
  • Did AAP pass diluted Jan Lokpal?
  • Has Kejriwal failed to resolve garbage crisis?
  • Has Kejriwal failed to provide free Wi-Fi to Capital city?
  • Has Kejriwal failed to provide free electricity to the people of Delhi?
  • Has Kejriwal failed to resolve women empowerment and safety issues?
  • Should AAP cease to be a one-man party?

Two Issues on which AAP should be analysed

Firstly, its principles, as the party talked about high moral grounds.

Secondly, delivering of its promises.

Talking about moral grounds, it would not be false to call AAP a “corrupt party” as recently a staff member of one of his ministers was caught demanding bribe of Rs. 30 lakh. Also, half of its ministers had to resign after their involvement in corruption, land-grabbing and molestation cases was confirmed by the police and criminal cases registered against them.

Kejriwal made sheer false promises to the people of Capital city which were “impossible” to be fulfilled. How can a Government provide Free Wi-Fi, free electricity and water when everything costs!


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