AAP loses its publicity in Punjab

With the massive win Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in Khadoor Sahib Assembly seat; it has been proved that there is “No Wave” at all, in favor of AAP.


What is Politics?

Politics is the bustle through which people make, preserve and sometimes modify the general rules under which they live and political parties exercise huge influence on public discourses. Political parties are style gurus of politics and their opposition to policies affects almost all state actions. Social life and economics of the state can get paralyzed by their agitations on real as well as manufactured issues.

AAP ran away from Punjab

It was during the parliamentary elections 2014, when Punjab gave the new-born party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), its electoral debut in the Lok Sabha with four seats. AAP who at that time, had failed to put up a fight to the main contenders, has now once again left the battlefield deserted before the fight started. This has put a big question mark on the political future of AAP in Punjab. Will AAP survive in Punjab till 2017 Assembly elections?


People of Delhi are now fed up from daily dose of ‘bandh’ or ‘dharna’ or ‘rasta roko’ by Kejriwal-led AAP, with handful of its corrupt leaders with a Party banner and any squander slogan on their lips. AAP, in Delhi, has not shown any shame in attentively cultivating and recruiting known criminals, corrupt leaders and charlatans as well as loud scoundrels. Soft spoken and non-corrupt leaders have been thrown out of AAP, which showcased Kejriwal’s dominance.

Punjab on AAP’s wish list since 2014


A big victory in the Punjab assembly has been on AAP’s wish list since 2014 but now it is clear that even AAP convener Kejriwal have failed to create an impact on people of Punjab, after they ran away from by-poll elections.

Besides, Ravinder Singh Brahampura, there were rebel leaders of AAP (Sumel Singh Sidhu) and Congress (Bhupinder Singh Bittu) who were expelled from their respective parties and Sukhdev Singh, Harjit Singh and Anantjit Singh Sandhu who fought by-poll elections.

AAP who has not been able to put up united face in Punjab attacked SAD leaders through their statement, “The ground is slipping from under the SAD’s feet, as AAP is coming to Punjab”, now one should ask AAP that if they were so sure of their win then why they did not contested this election.


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