Kejriwal wants Delhi to become Tahrir Square

Kejriwal during his Jan Lokpal movement, was often seen meeting Muslim leaders like Maulana Hasrat Ali and Maulana Raza Saheb and pressed upon the need to create a Tahrir Square-type situation in India.

Maulana: a curtain raiser
Various interviews were conducted in those crucial days, where Maulana Hasrat Ali had raised the curtain from Arvind Kejriwal’s idea of creating a Tahrir Square like scene on Rajpath filled up with numerous skull-cap wearing Muslims assembling there.


AK’s vision – Rajpath as Tahrir Square

Acting like an anti-Indian and anti-democratic leader, he had appealed to the nation’s youth to join him in his protest. “You have to fight for your own future and nobody else would fight for you. Parliament Street police station will be the beginning of downfall of corrupt empire and it will be the next Tahrir Square”, said an anti-national Kejriwal, who later became chief minister of Delhi by befooling the common man and playing ‘communal card’.

On the accusation of playing ‘the communal card’, Kejriwal said he has been visiting temples, mosques and meeting lots of people during his Jan Lokpal movement.
Then why did he speak about security of Muslims as a ‘major issue’ in the country? “AAP should empower Muslims.  Muslims are worst victims of the ‘bad’ governance and they are being targeted in the name of fighting terror”, said Kejriwal during his speech.


Kejriwal simply forgot that security is concern for poor and not Muslim. Same is in the case of Empowerment, which is the need of poor of India, whether he is from any community.

The person who talked to Maulanas to join hands with him, in order to save the country from corrupt leaders, have been seen safeguarding his corrupt leaders ever since he came to power.

Kejriwal is generally seen following what has been written on the pamphlet found on Tahrir Square. Mocking the entire political system as corrupt, making fun of the Republic Day tableaus as an unnecessary diversionary “entertainment”, his symbolic aping of the poor by tying a muffler around his neck and face to look like a rickshaw puller and standing by his corrupt law minister by enacting an ugly sit-in protest, were all pre-planned to grab huge media attention and nothing else!


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