AAP govt forced to roll back VAT after stiff protest by traders

“Disillusioned voters of Delhi are already raising their voice of dissent against AAP government and now the traders of Delhi have joined the ranks of dissenters. Facing widespread protest from traders of Delhi, AAP government was forced to roll back its decision to introduce VAT on low cost textile and footwear.”

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 In the budget proposed for the financial year 2016-17, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Manish Sisodia announced to levy 5 per cent Value-Added Tax (VAT) on all textiles and footwear, including those under Rs 500. This decision raked up widespread protest from traders, as it would have severely affected their business especially those dealing in low cost products of below Rs 500.

Burden on ‘Aam Aadmi’

The proposed increased 5 percent VAT on footwear and textiles would have imposed a huge burden on the common man especially in the wake of VAT introduced on the low cost products. It must be noted here that the proposed move would have caused disparity between corresponding VAT rates in neighboring states and resulted in out flow of business to other states. This would caused heavily on the traders of Delhi and small time traders would have run out of business in wake of this draconian rule. This is when they rose up in arms against the proposed imposition of VAT and Delhi government was forced to roll it back.

AAP’s double standards exposed by protest on hike of excise duty on gold jewelry

This move has exposed the double standards of AAP government. While on hand they are opposing the central government’s proposed decision to hike 1% excise duty on gold jewelry. Also they are opposing the move of presenting PAN number on purchase of jewelry above Rs 50,000. This would bring transparency in high stake business and revenue thus generated could be utilised on development work. AAP is opposing this move tooth & nail which only proves the fact that they are only concerned about a coterie.

Fissures among AAP government exposed

“Arvind Kejriwal who has the dubious distinction of functioning in a dictatorship style has been taking all the party decision single handedly. There was never a voice of opposition against AAP supremo but now murmurs of dissent have started appearing in public.”


 In the budget presented for the financial year 2016-17, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government decided to impose 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) on textile and footwear. This unprecedented move invited public ire, which would have severely affected the small traders in particular. While kejriwal was hell-bent on going ahead with imposing VAT, few of the AAP legislatures were opposed to this move.

Three AAP MLAs opposed the move

While the government proposed to levy 5 per cent tax on textile and footwear, while presenting the budget for 2016-17, AAP MLAs Alka Lamba, Madan Lal and Vishesh Ravi opposed the move.


Traders of Delhi had opposed this move tooth and nail as in the wake of tax disparity between neighbouring states, this move would have resulted in out flow of business to other states from Delhi. Three AAP MLAs supported the protesting traders and Kejriwal was forced to roll back his decision.

Signs of cracks in party

Kejriwal managed to lead the party with no other leader raising his/her voice especially when it came to taking crucial party decisions. But every dictator’s time comes to an end and Kejriwal is no exception either. His own party folks are rising against him.

This could be termed as positive move as it will make AAP supremo and Delhi CM more accountable and will force him to be more considerate for the issue of common public at large. But unfortunately this too little and too late!

AAP shielding terrorist, Hafiz Saeed


Pathankot protest was carried out to create obstacle in investigations

The anti-national ideology of AAP has come out in front of the public as the party is not even anti-nation but it is a supporter of anti-national elements and Pakistani terrorists.

AAP protested in Pathankot to crease hurdles in the investigations

The protest of AAP leaders in Pathakot during the investigating team of Pakistan was an eye wash to misguide the Punjabis’. It was a planned trick designed by AAP supremo to create problems in the investigations. Arvind Kejriwal receiving foreign funding and the anti-national elements are supporting AAP.

Kejriwal wanted to shield the master mind of Pathankot air base attack, Hafiz Saeed. The reason behind the move is the foreign funding which the party is receiving from different parts of Europe and US. The terrorist outfits are behind the funding and that’s why Kejriwal directed the Punjab leaders to carry the protest during the investigations so that the investigation could be halted.

AAP supported the Sarbat Khalsa congregation

The Sarbat Khalsa congregation was openly supported by AAP Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur. Even the resolutions passed in the Sarbhat Khalsa were backed up by AAP Punjab leaders. The party leaders had even urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of the slain militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

AAP supported JNU students who shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan

The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP national convenor had openly supported the students of JNU who had shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan and observed the death anniversary of the hanged militant Afzal Guru.

Kejriwal had met Imran Khan and Pak cleric Qadri

 Arvind Kejriwal had met Imran Khan in Delhi and even he had a clandestine meeting with the Pak cleric Muhammad Qadri. The both Pakistani’s are famous to spoil the political atmosphere in Pakistan. Kejriwal had tweeted that he discussed politics with Imran Khan but what type of politics he had discussed.

AAP govt. misleading people on saving money on infrastructure projects

“AAP government has been misleading people into believing that they have saved money on various projects because of its honesty. On the contrary, they have saved money because steel and cement have become cheaper.”


Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has always been boasting of its honesty. They have tried their best to score brownie points over saving money on infrastructure projects and they succeeded also. But a deep scrutiny of their claims reveals a stark contrast.

Contractors are paid for the material as per prevailing prices. There has been substantial decrease in prices of steel and cement has become cheap because of the policies of central government. And that is the real reason for the difference between the cost of the project and the rate at which it has been completed.

Doing away with major features

AAP government has done away with majority of the infrastructure-related features of the projects and thus the cost of the project has reduced considerably. On the flyovers, it was proposed to build foot over bridges at some places and noise barriers on few other flyovers. But save cost, AAP government omitted those important features and later projected as if they have been able to save money because of honesty.

 AAP tries to cover up their lies in assembly

When this issue was raked up opposition leaders in the Delhi assembly, AAP legislatures created a ruckus in the house to cover up this lies & false claims. Leader of opposition, Vijender Gupta demanded a written clarification and details of project cost.

It is a reflection on the government’s inefficiency and the hollowness of its promises. AAP government instead of setting things straight and presenting details of the project in front of the house indulged in blame game and blamed opposition for making false allegations

Delhi govt. fails to fill vacant posts of teachers

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led Delhi government has enhanced the allotted budget for education by 50% and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia enhanced the budget for teachers’ training but failed to fill the 20,000 vacant post of teachers.”


Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party’s much-hyped 70-point manifesto laid special emphasis on education and Arvind Kejriwal led AAP party also promised opening of 500 new schools. It’s been one year since AAP government came to power but there is no headway to their much-hyped promise. Now, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia enhanced the budget for teachers’ training from Rs 9.4 crore to Rs 102 crore, but 20,000 posts of teachers are still lying vacant in schools in Delhi.

Supreme court slams Delhi government

The Supreme Court has slammed the Delhi government for its “insensitivity” in failing to fill up over 20,000 posts of teachers in government schools and ordered suspension of the officers responsible for it. The apex court stated that the least Delhi government can do is pull up the responsible officers and put them under suspension and submit us an inquiry report.

Delhi government’s lame excuse

Delhi government has come up with a lame excuse for their inefficiency. As per AAP government, the education system in Delhi is not similar to other states. The government intends to recruit young skilled and dynamic candidates to teach education in an open and healthy environment. AAP government further stated that it has set stringent parameters for the selection of candidates for the posts of teachers in government schools. It must be noted here that as per government’s claims, it was not able to find any suitable candidate.

AAP government has mastered the art of covering up their inefficiency and they always have an excuse ready for their hollow claims. Their inability to fill 20,000 vacant posts of teachers in government schools has further proved this point.

Kejriwal Daydreaming about ruling Punjab

“Instead of camping in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal should focus on Delhi, whose dream have been shattered in wake of unfulfilled promises and migovernance.”


Arvind Kejriwal has been nurturing the dream of winning the upcoming elections scheduled for early next year. Leaving no stone unturned, AAP is going all out to garner sympathy of voters of Punjab. Earlier, Kejriwal took the entire Delhi electorate for a ride by promising moon but not delivering any of pre-poll promises after coming to power.

Chasing any elusive dream


Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal is “chasing an illusive dream of ruling” the Punjab state instead of serving Delhiites whose woes are mounting up in wake of misgovernance by AAP led Delhi government. Kejriwal is trying to “sell false dreams” in Punjab instead of standing with the people of Delhi and try to address their pressing problems.

 Anarchy in Delhi

AAP has reduced to one-man army and party chief Arvind Kejriwal has created in created anarchy in the party. Much against the party’s core principle of honesty, transparency and democratization, the party is working in complexly autocratic style.

Kejriwal follows the policy of “hit-and-run” and he hits an issue but runs away after being asked to offer the solution.

Public memory is not as short as perhaps Arvind Kejriwal thinks and people neither forgive nor forget. So he should better beware against taking them for granted as they can throw him out anytime. The situation is building fast towards that end as AAP government has failed badly and they failed to live up to the expectations of Delhi voters.

Delhi budget, whitewash on its failures

“Delhi government tried to build a case for its failures and non-spending of funds and it was clearly reflected in their budget presented for the financial year 2016-17. With the list of unfulfilled promises mounting up and plunging funds unitised on development work, first year of Delhi government has been a disaster.”  


 Delhi government has increased the allotted budget on health and education but it was only a “clever exercise” to hide their failures. In the run-up to assembly polls in Punjab Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promised moon but delivered nothing and they have failed to live up to majority of the promises made ahead of polls.

Unfulfilled promises

AAP manifesto ahead of Delhi elections was filled with slew of freebies and Indian voters would have never seen a manifesto filled with so many freebies. AAP manifesto focused on essential things of common man, which struck the chord with them. Kejriwal also appeared to be committed to end the VIP culture. High on emotional appeal, it immediate struck a chord with voters of Delhi. But a scrutiny of AAP government’s first year rule reveals a stark reality of unfulfilled promises.

 Non-spending of development funds

In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had made huge promises but it failed miserably after taking charge of Delhi government. Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government failed to deliver any of the promises with regard to infrastructural development such as building roads, bridges and schools. Ironically, AAP has utilised only about 30 per cent of the allotted funds on the development works.

 First year of Arvind Kejriwal government has been a disaster for the citizen of Delhi. The fact the Delhi government utilised only 30% of the total allotted funds for development works speak volumes about their misgovernance.

Kejriwal’s crazy idea to install CCTVs in classrooms


Earlier AAP proposed 15 lakh cameras, but failed to provide the facility

The installation of the 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi for women security was the main agenda of AAP party and it was also mentioned in the party’s manifesto. However, the crazy Kejriwal’s regime failed to fulfil the promise as it is too much costly.

But now the ruling AAP government again proposed the installation of CCTVs in the classrooms of government schools. In the second budget, the Deputy of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia made the announcement during his budget speech.

CCTV cameras in public schools will improve education, foolish Sisodia

The ruling government of AAP boasted that the government want to make the public schools better than private schools.

According to Sisodia, a budget Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for the installation of CCTVs in each classroom of every school, Sisodia said. “We want to make public schools better than private schools,” he said

How come the move would enhance the level of education in government schools? The quality of education can be improved in Delhi only by filling the vacant posts of teachers in government schools. The government has preferred to spend Rs 100 crore on the installation of CCTV camera. It shows the craziness of Delhi CM and his deputy.

The government should fill the backlog of vacant seats of teachers in government schools instead of introducing such a foolish concept. The students need books, proper infrastructure and teachers.

Kejriwal had promised 15 lakh CCTV cameras but failed to do

Kejri cameras

In the party manifesto, the AAP supremo had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi but nothing has been done so far in this regard by AAP regime.

Kejriwal had said “Over 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across Delhi.” The foolish politician had given his statement in haste without considering any logical fact. Even in the developed countries, no city has number of cameras which Kejriwal mentioned in his party manifesto.




AAP’s new ‘Publicity stunt’: uses IVR to woo voters

“After launching a massive media campaign on television, radio, newspapers and outdoor hoardings on self-publicity, the AAP government, in a desperate attempt to woo more number of voters has included a new tool in its armory – Integrated Voice Record (IVR) on mobile phones.”


AAP led Delhi government had earmarked massive Rs 526 crores on advertising. A cheap act of self-glorification, when they failed to establish connect with voters through massive advertising campaign across media channels; they are now trying to tap the mobile phone users of entire Delhi. AAP government is now making recorded voice calls to mobile phone users of Delhi to highlight their achievements.

Dialing the ‘wrong number’

In the capital, there are about three crores mobile connections, and the AAP government is trying hard to reach to about 1.38 crores of them which are not subscribed to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) scheme. DND stops any kind of promotional or sales calls.

On the occasion of Holi, Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government started experimenting with the new medium, Integrated Voice Record (IVR), and tried to reach out to 1.38 crores, who have not subscribed to DND. However, the government failed miserable in their latest cheap antics as only two lakh people took the call, and half of them disconnected it midway.

Self-glorification drive

The IVR call, which was about a 1.45 minutes voice clip, highlighted the works by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal boasts of his achievements and improvements in the power sector. The clip also highlighted the AAP government’s plan to provide free treatments and medicines in all public hospitals. As per the information from the news reports, the contract of covering 1.3 crore connections has been awarded to a Mumbai-based company, which charges 50 paisa per second per call.

Aam Aadmi Party had the initial plan to connect to people across the country, but later they dropped the idea and limited the plan only to national capital after seeing the dismal performance in Delhi.


Delhi people disappointed with anti-democratic AAP government

“Delhi gave a huge mandate to Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but now after one year of its government, people are asking questions about development and promises made in the pre-poll stage.”


Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, AAP not only made false claims and tall promises to score political points but also played with poor & hapless marginalized community in particular. It must be noted that socio-economically neglected strata of society played an instrumental role in reigning Aam Aadmi Party with the power of Delhi government. But the actions of the AAP government in Delhi in last one year suggest it is anti-democratic.

Anti-democratic AAP government

Aam Aadmi Party came to the fore with the promise of offering transparency, honesty and democratization but all these proved lip service, only till the government formation. As soon as it took charge of the Delhi government, it started functioning in completely autocratic manner. In Delhi, the domination of the government machinery by Arvind Kejriwal is near complete. It starts from the top, the cabinet ministers and tickles down to the ground level.

Frustrated citizens of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi voters ahead of assembly polls but delivered nothing. AAP talked about corruption free governance and had promised to usher an era of alternative politics but instead it has gone against its own founding principles.

Arvind Kejriwal talked about austerity and professed about leading a normal life. But in contrast to its claims, AAP government was marked with 400% salary hike of its legislatures and glorification of its governance by spending massive Rs. 526 on advertising.

People of Delhi had high hopes from Arvind Kejriwal and were expecting AAP to change the rules of politics. But completely ignoring the grass-root issues of the masses, it became the part of the game.