Around the Punjab in five days

“Kejriwal on one hand proclaims that he knows Punjab better than any other politicians of the state, on other side, goes on a five-day visit to understand Punjab. His well orchestrated event might have grabbed headlines but wide spread protest across the state has made it clear that it was noting but a sham.”    


The so called congenial liar, Arvind Kejriwal surely knows the knack of confusing people with his tactics. All his statements during Punjab visit were full of contradictions.

He went on proclaim that he knew Punjab better than anyone else then and at the same time he made a claim to visit each and every village of Punjab. Finally he planned a short five-day visit to state, which was also not completed as he had cancelled his visit to Patiala district.

Five-day picnic at taxpayer’s money

Kejriwal is spending the hard-earned money of Delhiites on self-glorification in Punjab.

He has mastered the art of hogging limelight and can stoop to any extent to gain brownie points. ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ anything counts to him and Kejriwal knows how to remain in news. Rhetoric, theatrics, tall claims & promises marred his latest Punjab visit.

Leaving aside his earlier contradiction of knowing Punjab on fingertips, it is not possible to visit only a vast & diverse state like Punjab in five days. Capable of achieving miracle, Kejriwal would perhaps achieve the impossible with his magical prowess. Overconfidence of Kejriwal only speaks volume of his arrogance of a man who is born out of sheer ignorance.

Wide spread protest across state

It is pertinent here that Arvind Kejriwal’s five day visit to Punjab, faced protest wherever he visited. Black flags and ‘Go Back Kejriwal’ posters were seen across the state ahead of his visit. Showing mirror to his misdeeds, posters highlighting his failures and unfilled promises in Delhi were put by people of Punjab ahead of his visit.




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