Dangerous AAP is emerging in Punjab

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) since inception has been a dumping ground of disgruntled leaders from other political parties. But a very dangerous trend is emerging in Punjab. On the extreme left are the leaders with communist leaning and on the extreme right, it is Sikh hardliners joining or supporting party ideology.”


Being a border state, Punjab is highly sensitive and has already faced turmoil for two decades. Any move to compromise with the sovereignty and peace of Punjab to reap political benefits would prove to be extremely dangerous. Desperate to make a mark in Punjab polls, AAP is not leaving any stone unturned and it doesn’t even shy away from siding with Khalistan extremist for political gains.

Endorsing Bhindrawale

Devoid of any political base or ground in state, AAP is supporting Khalistan ideology to gain political mileage. AAP leaders like Sucha Singh Chhotepur, Sanjay Singh and Bhagwant Mann openly ask people to celebrate Bhindrawale’s birth anniversary by paying obeisance at the nearest gurdwaras.

AAP leaders had been fuelling extremist sentiments in the state by circulating leaflets and pasting posters with photograph of slain militant Bhindrawale. When the move boomeranged, they disown the poster and very conveniently passed on the blame on to opposition.

 Funding from Sikh extremists

Not only the extremists are supporting their ideology by AAP is also accumulating massive funding from Sikh separatist and anti-social elements living across the globe. Their rising funding from extremist element is posing a serious threat on sovereignty of Punjab and AAP now ought to clear its stand on source of funds.

Insurgency in Punjab was one of the darkest periods in Punjab’s history and Punjab suffered in the wake of militancy for over two decades. Radical views are slowly reviving in Punjab and AAP is now trying to ignite it for political gains.


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