Dwindling graph of AAP

“Non-fulfillment of any of the pre-poll promises, infighting and dictatorship style leadership of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal are the reasons behind nose-diving popularity chart of Aam Aadmi Party.”


AAP was committed to radically change the political system, but it completely failed to make any impression. Disillusioned Indian voters voted for AAP in hope for ‘change’. But to their disbelief and shock, Kejriwal appeared only a power leader and his party reduced to bunch of disgruntled leaders who had joined AAP after failing to get ticket from any other major party.

From anti-corruption movement to height of corruption

The party, born out of an anti-corruption movement in 2012 has become the core of corruption. In the first of Kejriwal’s rule as CM, scams worth thousands of crores marred the government functioning. From onion to sugar, from auto permit to CNG sticker, AAP made news for all the wrong reasons. No state government in the state would have witnessed corruption at such a massive level.


Arvind Kejriwal’s single point agenda of fighting corruption brought him to power but getting backfired, this plank proved to be the major setback for him. Series of stings exposed his ministers and other officials demanding bribe and CBI raids in his office further dented his false claims of eradicating corruption from roots.

Drift from core principle

From expelling Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan to moving away from their basic tenet of Swaraj, transparency and democracy, the party has rejected the principles on which it was formed. It was meant to represent people’s voice but ironically there is no democracy within the party and it is marred by autocracy and dictatorship style of functioning.

Dropping chart of Punjab unit

Running high on confidence post general election, AAP decided to contest the assembly bi-election in Punjab, which was held three months after the general election. Held in two constituencies – Patiala and Talwandi Sabo, AAP candidates at both the constituencies lost their deposit. Scared of facing the public ire in the elections, later AAP didn’t even contest three bypolls in a row.


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