Ticket to meet Kejriwal gets doubled

 “Fundraising dinners are nothing new to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and perhaps the party is surviving by befooling people by giving them opportunity to dine with party leaders. But the fluctuating prices according to the market dynamics is the most shocking thing about this whole stunt.”


In the run-up to assembly polls in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party has been holding fund raising dinners across the state. In the absence of any set-up or organizational structure in the state, the party is trying to earn some much-needed money by indulging in such cheap antics.

 Get ready to pay doubled the price

AAP has mastered the art of creating hype on insignificant things. AAP’s fundraising dinners are one such move by the party. With an aim to make some quick bucks, the party has successfully created buzz about upcoming dinner with Kejriwal and other leaders at Bathinda. Finding the initial response encouraging, party was quick enough to double the cover price to dine along side Kejriwal and rest of the gang.

It is pertinent to note here that the party had announced Rs. 5,000 as the price for fundraising dinner at Bathinda but within days of the announcement, the party doubled the amount to Rs. 10,000.

The party follows the principle of demand & supply rather well for their own interest. Also, this move can be compared with dangerous tendency of hoarding.

Never ending stunts of AAP


From ‘Selfie with Mufflerman’ to ‘Coffee with Kejriwal’, there is no end to AAP’s stunts to gain some publicity and earn much needed money. The party can stoop to nay extent to make some moolahs. While people had to pay Rs 5,00 for a selfie with mufflerman, the coffee was priced at whopping Rs 20,000 at Bangalore. And, ironically this was done for Delhi elections in Bangalore.

It is natural instinct to get limelight and everyone likes to be photographed and be on the centre stage on a public gathering. Kejriwal has very shrewdly exploited this natural instinct of people for his own personal gains.




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