AAP wooing Dalit voters in Punjab

“In the run-up to Punjab assembly polls Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is leaving no stone unturned to woo as many voters as possible. Dalit voters constituent 32% of the electorate in the state, which is highest in the country. Seeing huge opportunity, AAP is going all out to garner dalit sympathy.”

Unable to garner any sort of public support, AAP is relying heavily on dalit voters. It must be noted that in Doaba region of Punjab, Dalit constituent over 40% of the voters. In the latest move, Arvind Kejriwal led party decided to woo the Dalit voters in Punjab and Kejriwal is visiting the state second time in a fortnight with this dubious intention. It is pertinent to mention here that the party has already formed a SC/ST wing to focus on marginalized community.

 Vote bank politics

AAP has gone all out to play vote bank politics. It must be noted that the party, which had always criticized other parties for appeasement of a particular vote bank, is itself indulging heavily into it.

During Lok Sabha polls the party tried wooing Muslim voters and its convener Arvind Kejriwal was witnessed wearing a skull cap while visiting Muslim dominated areas.

Eye on Dera vote bank

There are many small and big Deras (religious conglomerate) in Punjab, which enjoy massive support base especially from marginalized community from socio-economic downtrodden society. Kejriwal has handpicked three largest deras in the state, which enjoy huge follower base.

Besides Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Kejriwal is also visiting the dera of Balbir Singh Seechewal at Seechewal village in Jalandhar district and Baba Pargat Nath of Valmik Yog Ashram at Rahimpur village here.

Kejriwal will kick off his dalit trip in the state from Gurdwara Bunga Sahib along the banks of the Sutlej river, where he will meet the family of Kanshi Ram.

 It must be noted that Kejriwal rose to the power with the claims of offering clean and alternative politics. But in stark contrast to their claims, AAP is busy playing divisive role of indulging in vote bank politics.


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