Kejriwal’s U-turn on SYL

“Living upto dubious distinction awarded to Arvind Kejriwal, he has displayed yet again U-turn. After taking firm stand on contentious & emotive issue of river water sharing between Punjab & Haryana, he has tried to smug over the issue by stating that there should be no politics over the issue.”


 Coveting votes in the upcoming assembly polls in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party had joined in with the political parties who wanted to score political points agreed over more than three decades-old agreements to share water with Haryana. Even though the matter is sub judicious in the Supreme Court, in an open defiance of apex court political parties are busy in mud slinging and blame-game.

Controversy never refuses to dies down

The Sutlej-Yamuna canal is nearly 85% complete after decades in the making.  More than 700 crores have been spent on it and this was also termed as the trigger for eruption of militancy in the state, which lasted fro close to two decades.


Kejriwal retracted on the issue

Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned in the upcoming high stake assembly polls in Punjab. After taking a cautious approach, Kejriwal went up against Haryana in the vicious battle of river water sharing between Punjab & Haryana. Projected himself as savior of Punjab’s interests.

Infuriated by Mr Kejriwal’s jutting into the dispute, Haryana was up in arms against Kejriwal and fearing Public outrage on the issue, Kejriwal retracted on the issue with an aim to suppress on ongoing controversy.

Haryana expressed its resentment over Delhi government and asked it build its own canal. It must be noted that last month, in midst of Jaat agitation, Haryana saw a major canal being seized and damaged; Delhi was left without water; and the army was called in to restore water supply by freeing the canal.


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