AAP’s pro-farmer agenda, a political farce

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) covener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is a self-proclaimed messiah of poor & downtrodden people. But in reality, all his moves are politically motivated to gather votes. His latest political stunt involves around farmers of Punjab!”


 In a move to score political brownie points, AAP supremo has sent his leaders to examine the rain affected in Punjab. it must be noted here that untimely rain had severely affected crops like wheat in Punjab but two crucial questions arise here – first, are those leaders agricultural experts? Second, leaving Delhi what are these leaders trying to prove in the jurisdiction of Punjab?

Political move to gather votes

Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP is leaving no stone unturned create some noise in state where it doesn’t have any political base or organisation structure. Failing to make any headway in state, AAP is resorting to cheap antics to garner sympathy of Punjab voters. Punjab being an agricultural dominated economy, farming community plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of elections.


AAP couldn’t have missed out on such huge opportunity in the run-up to assembly polls and from Kejriwal’s much hyped visit to the families of farmers who had committed suicide to latest move sending AAP leaders from Delhi to examine rain affected crops, Aam Aadmi Party is going al out to woo crucial farming community in Punjab.

Kejriwal’s false agenda exposed


Kejriwal might have visited the families of farmers who had committed suicide in state to garner sympathy but perhaps he has forgotten that that the memories of farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide during a AAP rally is still fresh in people’s minds.

Even as the poor farmer ended his life by hanging himself to a tree, Delhi CM continued making his public speech on the dais whilst posing for TV cameras. This incident had exposed his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others. Now, he is trying to reopen the wounds in Punjab for gaining political mileage.


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