Khaira, AAP spokesperson – A ‘Headline Hunter’ with tyrannical style

“In sync with its image, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appointed fiery Sukhpal Khaira as party spokesperson for Punjab unit, who has a reputation of firing baseless salvos at opposition parties to grab headlines.”


Sukhpal Khaira is a headline hunter, who has a tendency to divulge himself into ridiculous levels of despotism. He has always indulges in mud slinging with an intension to defame other and get some cheap publicity but in that process, he ends up getting his own linen dirty.

An ideal find by AAP

It must be noted that Aam Aadmi Party has always indulged in blame-game and goes to any extent to grab eyeballs. In this context, they have found the ideal candidate in Khaira for Punjab unit.

Known for abrasive style of functioning, Khaira faced worst political crisis when he was forced to quit Congress and joined AAP, which has off late become a junkyard of disgruntled political leaders from across political parties. All the rebel political leaders and those failed to find a position in the parent political party find refuge in AAP. Interestingly AAP, which is a platform for all dissenters, they get prominent position after joining the party. Testimony to the point, is the fact that Sukhpal Khaira was appointed spokesperson of the Punjab unity of the party.

Publicity lover


His love for publicity is well-known fact. Indulging in all sorts of means, he has managed to create his own fan following on social media. From uploading pictures to making videos, he does everything that ensures the he is always in the news.

Factionalism led Aam Aadmi Party, which has been battling a credibility and leadership crisis in the state; Khaira’s induction will further deepen the fissures in state unit of the party.


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