Fissures between AAP deepens further

“Fissures in the faction led Aam Aadmi Party has deepened further with suspended AAP MP from Fatehgarh Sahib, Harinder Singh Khalsa raising serious questions over leadership abilities of Arvind Kejriwal.”


 Aam Aadmi Party since beginning has been in news for all the wrong reasons. While on one hand the party is claiming to secure at least 100 seats in the upcoming Punjab polls, on the other side, internal feud & factionalism has marred the functioning of state unit. With lack of orientation and leadership posing serious question on future of party, all state leaders want to be the future CM.

Voice of Dissent with the Party

After Patiala MP, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, other suspended MP Harinder Singh Khalsa has come out in public to express his anguish over functioning of party high command. It must be noted that the two MPs in question were suspended for accusing central leadership of enforcing excessive control over state affairs.

After Dr. Gandhi, Khalsa had gone on record to criticize AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal. Describing Kejriwal as no leader in Punjab, Khalsa said, “Let him roam around from one place to another in Punjab, but he will not get any votes”

Digging his own grave

Kejriwal is digging his own grave by dictatorship style of functioning. One after another, party leaders are rising up in arms against him. The autocratic style functioning of the party can be understood by the fact that the party’s MPs were not even allowed to appoint their staff members.

 Factionalism and internal feud within the party never refuses to die down and there is no end to conflicting issues. The key differentiators like the concepts of ‘swaraj’, honesty, transparency etc., as included in the party’s charter were gradually lost in the race to power.


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