Nose-diving popularity chart of Aam Aadmi Party

“Winds of change already seem to blowing strong against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). AAP rose high like a bubble but weighed down under its own contradiction, the bubble is going to get burst soon.”


Unfulfilled pre-poll promises, internal feud and dictatorship style leadership of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal are the reasons behind nose-diving popularity chart of Aam Aadmi Party. AAP to public fore with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics, but it completely failed to make any impression.

Arvind Kejriwal was perceived an agent of positive & constrictive change and Indian voters voted for AAP in hope for ‘change’. But to their utter disbelief, Kejriwal appeared to be a power hungary leader and his party reduced to a junkyard of disgruntled leaders who had joined AAP after failing to get ticket from any other major party.

Crusader of anti-corruption drive

Aam Aadmi Party was born out of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in 2012. Kejriwal came to power with a promise of eradicating corruption from roots but in contrast, in his first year of governance as CM, scams worth thousands of crores marred the government functioning. From onion to sugar, from auto permit to CNG sticker, AAP made news for all the wrong reasons. No state government in the state would have witnessed corruption at such a massive level in mere one year.

Arvind Kejriwal’s single point agenda of fighting corruption made him CM of Delhi but getting backfired, this plank proved to be the major setback for him. Corruption changes exposed his ministers and other officials demanding bribe and CBI raids in his office further dented his public image and showed his true colors.

Drift from party’s fouding principle

It must be noted here that AAP came to fore with its basic tenets of ‘Swaraj’, transparency and democratization. But drifting from its founding principles, the party started working in completely autocratic style. It can be gauged by the fact that the party expelled its founding members, Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan immidietely after reigning power in Delhi. It was meant to represent people’s voice but ironically there is no democracy within the party and it is marred by autocracy and dictatorship style of functioning.

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