After Dalits, AAP trying to woo Christians in Punjab

“Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, there is no end to divisive politics of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Arvind Kejriwal led party is desperately trying to garner sympathy of particular communities in Punjab to swing political arithmetic in their favour.”


AAP has been nurturing the dream of winning Punjab polls ever since the general elections in 2014. Without any absence of organisational structure or leadership in state, AAP is finding it challenging to keep itself up float in the state. In this context, AAP has been indulging in cheap politics of milking the vote bank and after Dalit and Dera voters, AAP is now desperately trying to woo Christian voters in Punjab.

Contradictory stand of AAP

Kejriwal’s move to visit the ‘dera’ is in contradiction to the “moral stand” of the party against the divisive politics. It must be noted here that Arvind Kejriwal has gone on record to state that his party was beyond the politics of religion and caste. But, contrary to the party’s stand, they are indulging in divisive politics to gain on caste & religion based vote bank. Every vote counts and Kejriwal is going all out to gain on community based vote banks. Eyeing votes ahead of polls in Punjab, Kejriwal is playing with the emotion of hapless minorities.

Reaching out to Dalits

Its must ne noted here that the party is already going all out to reach out to Dalits the state and Kejriwal is done with first round of Deras in Punjab. The Dalits constitute 32% voters of the state, making it a huge chunk, which Aam Aadmi Party cannot miss.

Arvind Kejriwal had tried to reach out to the Dalits by demanding Bharat Ratna, country’s highest civilian honour for BSP founder Kanshi Ram. He had also met the family of Dalit man Bhim Tank who was found murdered at the farmhouse of a liquor baron.



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