Delhi people disappointed with anti-democratic AAP government

“Delhi gave a huge mandate to Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but now after one year of its government, people are asking questions about development and promises made in the pre-poll stage.”


Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, AAP not only made false claims and tall promises to score political points but also played with poor & hapless marginalized community in particular. It must be noted that socio-economically neglected strata of society played an instrumental role in reigning Aam Aadmi Party with the power of Delhi government. But the actions of the AAP government in Delhi in last one year suggest it is anti-democratic.

Anti-democratic AAP government

Aam Aadmi Party came to the fore with the promise of offering transparency, honesty and democratization but all these proved lip service, only till the government formation. As soon as it took charge of the Delhi government, it started functioning in completely autocratic manner. In Delhi, the domination of the government machinery by Arvind Kejriwal is near complete. It starts from the top, the cabinet ministers and tickles down to the ground level.

Frustrated citizens of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi voters ahead of assembly polls but delivered nothing. AAP talked about corruption free governance and had promised to usher an era of alternative politics but instead it has gone against its own founding principles.

Arvind Kejriwal talked about austerity and professed about leading a normal life. But in contrast to its claims, AAP government was marked with 400% salary hike of its legislatures and glorification of its governance by spending massive Rs. 526 on advertising.

People of Delhi had high hopes from Arvind Kejriwal and were expecting AAP to change the rules of politics. But completely ignoring the grass-root issues of the masses, it became the part of the game.


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