AAP govt. misleading people on saving money on infrastructure projects

“AAP government has been misleading people into believing that they have saved money on various projects because of its honesty. On the contrary, they have saved money because steel and cement have become cheaper.”


Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has always been boasting of its honesty. They have tried their best to score brownie points over saving money on infrastructure projects and they succeeded also. But a deep scrutiny of their claims reveals a stark contrast.

Contractors are paid for the material as per prevailing prices. There has been substantial decrease in prices of steel and cement has become cheap because of the policies of central government. And that is the real reason for the difference between the cost of the project and the rate at which it has been completed.

Doing away with major features

AAP government has done away with majority of the infrastructure-related features of the projects and thus the cost of the project has reduced considerably. On the flyovers, it was proposed to build foot over bridges at some places and noise barriers on few other flyovers. But save cost, AAP government omitted those important features and later projected as if they have been able to save money because of honesty.

 AAP tries to cover up their lies in assembly

When this issue was raked up opposition leaders in the Delhi assembly, AAP legislatures created a ruckus in the house to cover up this lies & false claims. Leader of opposition, Vijender Gupta demanded a written clarification and details of project cost.

It is a reflection on the government’s inefficiency and the hollowness of its promises. AAP government instead of setting things straight and presenting details of the project in front of the house indulged in blame game and blamed opposition for making false allegations


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