AAP govt forced to roll back VAT after stiff protest by traders

“Disillusioned voters of Delhi are already raising their voice of dissent against AAP government and now the traders of Delhi have joined the ranks of dissenters. Facing widespread protest from traders of Delhi, AAP government was forced to roll back its decision to introduce VAT on low cost textile and footwear.”

traders protest in delhi-.jpg

 In the budget proposed for the financial year 2016-17, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Manish Sisodia announced to levy 5 per cent Value-Added Tax (VAT) on all textiles and footwear, including those under Rs 500. This decision raked up widespread protest from traders, as it would have severely affected their business especially those dealing in low cost products of below Rs 500.

Burden on ‘Aam Aadmi’

The proposed increased 5 percent VAT on footwear and textiles would have imposed a huge burden on the common man especially in the wake of VAT introduced on the low cost products. It must be noted here that the proposed move would have caused disparity between corresponding VAT rates in neighboring states and resulted in out flow of business to other states. This would caused heavily on the traders of Delhi and small time traders would have run out of business in wake of this draconian rule. This is when they rose up in arms against the proposed imposition of VAT and Delhi government was forced to roll it back.

AAP’s double standards exposed by protest on hike of excise duty on gold jewelry

This move has exposed the double standards of AAP government. While on hand they are opposing the central government’s proposed decision to hike 1% excise duty on gold jewelry. Also they are opposing the move of presenting PAN number on purchase of jewelry above Rs 50,000. This would bring transparency in high stake business and revenue thus generated could be utilised on development work. AAP is opposing this move tooth & nail which only proves the fact that they are only concerned about a coterie.

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