Fissures among AAP government exposed

“Arvind Kejriwal who has the dubious distinction of functioning in a dictatorship style has been taking all the party decision single handedly. There was never a voice of opposition against AAP supremo but now murmurs of dissent have started appearing in public.”


 In the budget presented for the financial year 2016-17, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government decided to impose 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) on textile and footwear. This unprecedented move invited public ire, which would have severely affected the small traders in particular. While kejriwal was hell-bent on going ahead with imposing VAT, few of the AAP legislatures were opposed to this move.

Three AAP MLAs opposed the move

While the government proposed to levy 5 per cent tax on textile and footwear, while presenting the budget for 2016-17, AAP MLAs Alka Lamba, Madan Lal and Vishesh Ravi opposed the move.


Traders of Delhi had opposed this move tooth and nail as in the wake of tax disparity between neighbouring states, this move would have resulted in out flow of business to other states from Delhi. Three AAP MLAs supported the protesting traders and Kejriwal was forced to roll back his decision.

Signs of cracks in party

Kejriwal managed to lead the party with no other leader raising his/her voice especially when it came to taking crucial party decisions. But every dictator’s time comes to an end and Kejriwal is no exception either. His own party folks are rising against him.

This could be termed as positive move as it will make AAP supremo and Delhi CM more accountable and will force him to be more considerate for the issue of common public at large. But unfortunately this too little and too late!


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