AAP government splurges crores on misleading ads

“The AAP government’s recent advertising campaign was meant to serve the dual purpose of targeting the opponent by false claims and glorifying its one-year rule.”


 Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) immediately after taking charge of Delhi government earmarked a massive budget of Rs 526 crores for advertising it must be noted here that this was more than ten times the ad budget in the previous year and was even higher than the ad budget of central government. AAP government in first year of its rule in Delhi has utilised the said amount cleverly for its personal gains.

Violation of the Government Advertisement Guidelines

 Arvind Kejriwal-led government was publishing and airing advertisements and promotional campaign in violation of the government advertising guidelines. It was alleged that Delhi government had made false statement and produced wrong information in front of High court in a reply sought by the court.

It was alleged that Delhi government in its reply on February 25, 2016 stated, that the one-year anniversary campaign was only carried out for four days but in reality it the Delhi government had continued to publish and telecast advertisements and advertorials for more than 20 days.

High court slams Delhi government

Delhi high court slammed Delhi government for indulging in “large scale wastage of taxpayers’ money” on its political activities by launching the advertisement campaign. The high court lamented Delhi government for allegedly publishing and airing advertisements in newspapers, TV channels and radio in and outside Delhi in violation of the guidelines and had sought appropriate action against concerned officials “for the large scale wastage of the taxpayers’ money on political activities of the ruling party.


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