AAP hand in glove with Congress

“Whether through scrutiny of Delhi elections or Kejriwal’s promise of SIT formation on 84 riots case; there are enough evidences to show that AAP is Team ‘B’ of Congress.”


 During the Delhi elections in 2013, Arvind Kejriwal had sworn in the name of his children saying that he would never form alliance with any political party. But, in stark contrast to his claims, he went on to form the government with the Congress as an alliance partner. Kejriwal’s U-Turn with this political move speaks volume about his dubious intentions and also proves the point that AAP is hand in glove with Congress.

Kejriwal’s promise to re-open 84 riots case

 Arvind Kejriwal left no stone unturned to woo Sikh voters of Delhi in the assembly election held last year and he promised to re-open the case pertaining to 1984 anti Sikh riots case. Kejriwal showed commitment to form a Special Investigation Team (SIT) on the case and put the culprits behind the bars.

As promised, Kejriwal announced formation of SIT immediately after coming to power but later it proved to be a political stunt as eleven months later it surfaced from media reports that the file meant to set-up the SIT was missing. Two things became clear after this development. One, AAP tried to gain political mileage by making this announcement second, It didn’t have any intention to probe the case, rather it was their delay tactics in wake of rising public outrage against the perpetrators.

Shielding the culprit

AAP had no intention to initiate any action against the culprit of Sikh carnage, which claimed lives of 4000 Sikhs in Delhi. AAP just made political motivated moves but actually it was has been shielding the culprit. The fact became evident when photos of Arvind Kejriwal sharin jovial moments with Congress leader and main culprit of anti Sikh riots went viral in social media circuits.


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