AAP always attacked BJP ruled MCD but didn’t hold by polls in 13 wards

“Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party has always locked horns with BJP over misrule of MCD. But when it had the opportunity to swing the power equation it evaded from it stance putting a serious questions over its intensions.”


 Earlier this year, the national capital was staring at the outbreak of cholera was piles of garbage was dumped in the streets of Delhi in wake of MCD workers’ strike. While Kejriwal led AAP government failed to release the salary of MCD workers for three months, it cried for a conspiracy and termed it as salary scam mounted by BJP ruled MCD. Prior to that AAP had a golden opportunity to change the situation by contesting by polls in 13 ward of MCD but on contrary it didn’t let the elections to be hold.

Political imbroglio

The national Capital faced a political imbroglio after the AAP government and the state election commission locked horns over conduction of by-elections for 13 municipal wards. The state election commission had sent repeated reminder to sought funds and manpower to hold the elections but the AAP government completely ignored their pleas. It must be noted the political mess happened couple of months prior to the MCD strike.


Putting a serious questions mark on AAP’s intentions it clearly shows where does Aam Aadmi Party’s priorities lie.

Blame-game to score political points

Aam Aadmi Party always indulges in blame-game as a cover-up for their misgovernance or their inability to deliver. They always have standard excuse of passing on the blame to centre government or other agencies. They always pass on the buck to other agencies and never take ownership and responsibility of the misdeeds. MCD is in complete mess due to AAP’s constant blame game and when they had the chance to change the situation, AAP government denied the opportunity.


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