AAP indulges in blame game over a dentist murder in Delhi

“A 40 years old dentist was mercilessly beaten to death in broad day light in Delhi and as usual AAP is quick into action of blame game and passing the buck on to others.”


 A minor scuffle over a rash driving by two bikers led to the death of 40 years dentist in Delhi. Trouble began when Pankaj Narang, the victim was playing cricket along with son and nephew. The ball flew into the bylane and he and his son ran after it. Narang saw two youth on a bike coming towards them, riding rashly and taking abrupt alternate right and left turns. When he tried to stop the bike, it triggered into an argument.

The argument escalated as Narang seized the motorcycle shoed them away. The duo ran from the spot but returned 15 minutes later with more than a dozen people, carrying wooden sticks and sharp objects. AAP government instead of taking swift action and showing sympathy to the victim’s family over this heart-wrenching incident, has started indulging in mud slinging and ugly blame game.

Politics over horrific incident

As an elected member of the society, it is the responsibility of Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government to ensure safety of citizen and ensure that social fabric of the city is not broken. But instead of taking necessary steps to ensure that people’s faith and trust is not revoked from executive in wake of such horrendous incident, AAP government tried to score political points.

Such incidents raise questions in the mind of people but instead of taking any concrete step to ensure that their trust over government is not broken, AAP is busy passing on the buck. It is not even shying away from gaining political mileage out of such horrendous incident. While on one hand it is blaming Delhi police for deteriorating law and order situation, on the other hand AAP government blamed central government for instigating hate crimes.



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