AAP MLA Somnath Bharti booked for bid to kill his wife

“In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi, Aam Adami Party (AAP) showed commitment for safety, empowerment and dignity of women. But, clearly reflecting the patriarchal attitude of AAP, two of their senior leaders have been chargesheeted on the charges of crime against women.”


 Contrary to AAP’s claims of being sympathetic to women cause, many of its leaders have dubious distinctions of facing charges on women issues. Senior leaders, Kumar Vishwas was earlier booked under molestation charges and prior to that he was pulled up Delhi commission of Woman on the pretext of complaint filed by a party worker. In yet another blow to party’s image, Senior leader and AAP MLA Somnath Bharti has been chargesheeted on the charges of attempting to murder his wife.

Dubious reputation of Bharti

 AAP MLA had earlier faced public ire and women rights activists had protested against him for making a sexist statement in the Delhi assembly. Bharti stated, “I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom [over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear. ”

 While AAP government has always claimed to be committed for the cause of women, but ironically their MLAs have been making objectionable remarks in the House. But, what is shocking is the fact that Kejriwal has been mum on this issues and he even went on to ignore Bharti’s statement by stating this as his personal views.

But being an elected representative of people, Somnath Bharti is responsible of his conduct and speech and any imprudent statement can have a damaging effect on democratic framework.

Attempt to murder an unborn child

Somnath Bharti is considered to be patriarchal in nature but displayed a highly horrendous and inhuman act by releasing his dog on the complainant oh his wife, which bit her badly. It is pertinent to mention that his wife was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and also suffering from diabetic. The act by the Bharti not only was an attempt to end the life of his wife but also seriously endangered the life of the unborn child.

It is ironical that political parties that claims to revere and respect women but fails to maintain dignity and respect of women within the party and one after another senior leaders get booked on the charges of crime against women.


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