AAP double speaks on SYL canal issue

“The sad chronicle of outsiders coming to Punjab to offer fake sympathies with an eye on elections and then going back to betray the state within hours continues. Leaving its people bleeding, Arvind Kejriwal has betrayed Punjab for his own vested interests.”


Arvind Kejriwal’s double standard on SYL issue stands exposed; he is now running for cover. Known for his fickle minded approach on crucial issues, Arvind Kejriwal could never make up his mind on contentious & emotive issue of river waters sharing between Punjab and neighboring states. Eyeing assembly elections in Punjab scheduled for early next, he first took a stand in favour of Punjab but realizing repercussion in his home state Haryana and after affect in Delhi, Kejriwal retracted from his stand.

Deceives both Delhi & Punjab

Arvind Kejriwal might have begun his political spell with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics but his hunger for power has reduced him to a political opportunist, always trying to milk the vote bank.


On the contentious issue of SYL, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal has allegedly deceived the people of both Delhi and Punjab. He first gave a statement in favour of SYL in Punjab and then sided with Haryana by supporting the demand of SYL construction and even went on to file an affidavit through the counsel appointed by Delhi government.

Facing public ire, Kejriwal ran for cover and used public counsel as scapegoat and stated that concerned government officials were consulted before filing the affidavit and the counsel acted on his own.

 Conflicting views of AAP leaders

 While Kejriwal kept changing his colors like a chameleon on SYL issue, AAP leaders from Punjab took a conflicting stand on the issue and Bhagwant Mann even went on to make a emotive statement by stating that ‘his blood would rather flow in canal’


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