Kejriwal should own moral responsibility of affidavit on SYL

“Facing public ire in wake of Delhi counsel’s affidavit in support of Haryana government’s stand on SYL issue, Arvind Kejriwal has tried to brush aside the controversy by passing on the blame to law officer but as a Chief Minister of the state, he should own the moral responsibility.”


 A controversy has raked up due to Delhi government’s affidavit filed in Supreme Court seeking construction of contentious Satluj Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal. It is noteworthy that construction of SYL on proposed line would severely affect Punjab and benefitting Haryana on the other hand. Punjab government has de-notified water-sharing pact Haryana is demanding that construction should be resumed.

Escaping responsibility

It is pertinent here that Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal tried to escape the responsibility by stating that the law officer acted on his own. But, being the head of the state, he can no escape the responsibility and he is duty to take ownership of the act.

It is well-known that the no law officer or counsel acts on his own and he only appears in the court after duly briefed by the government. Kejriwal cannot befool people by making such frivolous statements. A state counsel can ever act on his own on an issue having a political ramification at a regional level.

Kejriwal might have shrugged off the responsibility and tried to escape using state counsel as a scapegoat. But by passing on the blame to some one else and sacking a government employee, Arvind Kejriwal’s dubious role cannot be wiped off. Kejriwal has always played the divisive politics in wake of his own vested interests and now with his double standard exposed on the issue, he will have to pay a huge price for his misdeeds.



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