Enjoying Office of Profit, AAP MLAs failed to respond to EC notice

“Arvind Kejriwal may have tried to appease his MLAs by rewarding them with lucrative positions. But the Delhi government is facing the wrath of court of law for the unconstitutional appointment of 21 MLAs to the office of profit. After Delhi High Court, Election commission (EC) has questioned their appointment and all MLAs failed to respond to EC.”


 After becoming CM of the Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal appointed 21 of its MLAs as parliamentary secretary with an aim to reward them by offering lucrative position. In a small state like Delhi there couldn’t have been more seven ministers. So Kejriwal accommodate as many legislatures as possible by attaching three MLAs with each minister.

It must be noted that the parliamentary secretaries enjoy the status of cabinet as get the same perks that is official vehicle, residence, office etc. The appointment 21 parliamentary secretaries to the office of profit are unconstitutional and Delhi government faces the wrath of court of low.

Delhi High Court Notice

Delhi High Court has already summoned AAP government for violation and 21 parliamentary secretaries fear the risk of getting disqualified. It is noteworthy that as pet government Delhi government can only have one parliamentary secretary attached with Chief Minister office.

Fails to respond to EC notice

The Election Commission (EC) had earlier issued notices to 21 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs and sought their reply on why they shouldn’t be disqualified from office of interest. Unable to present their case with suitable reasoning, they failed to respond to election commission’s notice on due time and now they are pleading for grating more time.


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