AAP poses a bigger threat than Congress

“People of Punjab are well aware of Congress’ dubious contentions against the state and Sikh community in particular. But in a hurry to make huge electoral gain, the rookie party AAP seems to be posing a bigger threat to the state.”


Punjab has always been a peaceful & progressive state and hardworking people of state have always toiled hard working towards progress of state. But, from the beginning of 80s, unrest was slowly creeping in the state shattering the social fabric. Congress had always milked the situation for its bigger political gains.

In current context, when peace & sovereignty has restored in state and Punjab is all set to usher a big leap into a progressive world, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is posing even threat by trying to disrupt peace for electoral gains.

AAP’s Khalistani nexus


AAP can stoop low to any extent for its own vested interests. It doesn’t even shy away from siding with anti national elements for its electoral gains. Sikh extremist group had been vanished from state towards the end of 80s but now slowly some of the splinter groups are reviving. AAP is now siding with many Sikh hardliners and it is no news that many Sikh radicals are either joining AAP or are endorsing the party ideology.

Sikh preacher and hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal had extended his full support to AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and wished to honor him publicly. Later SAD (A) chief Simranjit Singh Mann who is known for his pro Khalistani ideology, made it clear to contents assembly polls in Punjab jointly with AAP.

AAP may attempt to disrupt peace in state for its own political interests but peace-loving Punjabis will not let any outsider to disrupt peace & harmony of the state.


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