“We will win all 117 seats”, says Sanjay Singh

“Politicians have a tendency to make tall claims with an aim to project themselves as the best. Ahead of elections, all political parties make claim of winning the poll battle but AAP’s projections seems to go beyond sky. Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh is shouting aloud of winning all the assembly seats in Punjab. Perhaps they have got a magical wand!”


 Elections in Punjab are scheduled for early next year and dates are yet to be announced. But state convener of Aam Aadmi Party has already announced the results. He has not only echoed the voice of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal of winning the elections but has gone ahead by claiming to grab entire 117 seats in Punjab.

No strong leadership but all CM faces

AAP is suffering from severe leadership crisis. Apart from Arvind Kejriwal, there is no credible leader in the party. In the absence of strong leadership in party, all the major leaders are trying to overpower each other in a tussle to be on the top. Leave aside fighting elections, AAP leaders are fighting a fierce battle amongst themselves to reach at the top.

Although few leaders have already hinted of Arvind Kejriwal taking the leadership position in state but at the moment all the prominent leaders of AAP are nurturing the aspiration of becoming the chief minister of state.

Conflicting views

Conflicting views are witnessed on crucial matters affecting the state. It is noteworthy that on the recent development of SYL, (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal) the state leaders of AAP took a conflicting stand from that of central leadership. While Arvind Kejriwal took a Haryana centric approach and even filed an affidavit in Supreme Court endorsing Haryana government’s stand, state leaders on other hand spoke in favour of Punjab.


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