No preparedness ahead of odd-even plan, even in 2nd phase

“AAP government’s odd-even car rationing plan came as a knee-jerk reaction to Delhi High Court’s slamming when it reacted by staying that ‘living in Delhi was like living in a gas chamber’. Delhi government launched the much-hyped plan hastily but what followed was utter chaos in absence of any arrangement for smooth operation and same situation stares Delhiites even in second phase.”


 Delhi is world’s most polluted city and something needs to be done at war footing to prevent Delhiites from serious health hazards posed by alarming level of pollution. Under pressure from judicial system, Kejriwal government implemented road-rationing plan as knee-jerk reaction. But if we look into it objectively then realize that it was nothing but watershed.

Car-owners of Delhi have still not come out of the hangover of whopping taxi bills, fleecing auto drivers and jam-packed metro trains the much-hyped car rationing plan gave them sleepless nights.

No alternate arrangements for smooth operation

Delhi government has not come out with out-of-box plan to curb pollution level and such experiments have previously been made in other parts of the world. In all the cases, such experiment in cities like Athens, Mexico City, London and Seoul have proved to be disaster.

Major difference with such experiments in Delhi and elsewhere in the world, that in all other cities, appropriate alternate arrangements were made for smooth operation and overcome any kind of inconvenience to people. But, Delhi government on other had implemented this plan without making any alternate arrangements and what followed was utter chaos at the Delhi road during the first phase of the plan.

Unfortunately Delhi government has still learnt from its mistakes and in absence of any alternate arrangement for commuters, taxi and auto drivers stand to gain majorly from this oddly placed plan.


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