Pollution level goes up on fist day of odd-even Phase II

“It is now confirm that much hyped odd-even formula is oddly placed. With basic purpose of controlling air pollutions stands defeated, many reports have suggested that air quality had worsened on day one.”


Marking an ironic start to Delhi government’s odd-even car rationing formula, many reports have suggested that air quality on the first day of phase two. Despite Arvind Kejriwal’s tall claims, the much-hyped odd-even formula was defeated in its basic purpose of controlling pollution. This is in sync with studies, which shows that many factors other than the use of cars that determine the level of air pollution.

Odd, isn’t it?


As soon as the odd-even scheme, which is aimed at restricting half the cars from roads of Delhi, was implemented for the second time in the city, the intensity of very small particulate matter, call PM-2.5, increased on day one. That’s because private vehicle especially petrol cars cause marginal pollution.

As per a study conducted by IIT, Kanpur on pollutants in Delhi city, cars contribute merely one percent of the total pollution and in that too diesel cars are major culprits, which constitute less than 10% of the total cars.

Dust particles are the major pollutants in the city. Geographical locations and climatic conditions make Delhi very vulnerable and dust particles don’t settle easily.

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology had suggested that pollution had increased on day one of Odd-even formula in a second phase to strong dust particles hovering around the city. The data also highlights the importance of the speed and direction of wind, which brings pollutants, particularly dust from Rajasthan and other cities to national capital.

All these factor point out that this much hyped car-rationing mechanism is a total failure and it is mainly implemented to get self-publicity.


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