Delhi residents gave thumbs down to odd-even in Phase-II

“Delhi residents wholeheartedly supported odd-even car rationing scheme when it was introduced first time in January this year. With second phase of the plan underway currently, resistance and anger is quite apparent on the streets of Delhi.”


 AAP government in Delhi spent hundreds of crores of rupees in Delhi to project odd-even scheme as a grand success. Not just spending exorbitantly on advertising but Delhi government’s PR machinery was put in use to churn out positive content centered on odd-even formula. Delhi government as able to generate hype and now are they ready with its second edition.

The response from Delhi government was encouraging and the plan went off relatively in a smooth manner in phase –I. But, this time around with its second edition, situation seems to have reversed and resistance amongst Delhi residents on the streets is quite apparent.

Number of challans surges alarmingly

As the temperatures surged in the national capital, so did the temper on the streets of the city. Numbers of violators are much higher in the second phase. In the first phase 138 challans were issued on day one where as in second phase, the number of challans rose to ten time by whopping 1300.

The frustration of Delhi resident is quite apparent, as there were no alternative arrangements of public transport to fill the vacuum. When the scheme was rolled out for the first time, owners of private vehicles were at the receiving end. There are around 28 lakh registered cars in Delhi, halting 14 lakh on halt when this plan in underway. Assuming one person travels in each car to office then there is an additional burden of 14 lakh on public transport.

Earlier in January when odd-even formula was implement for the first time, Delhi residents had faced much of inconvenience. They can never forget the maddening rush at metro and fleecing cabs& autos. Since, AAP has launched the plan in second phase without making any amendments and backup plan in place, public anger is understood.


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