With shattered desires AAP supporters feeling robbed

“Arvind Kejriwal floated his political outfit with an assurance of utmost democracy, people’s power and uncompromised transparency. And, now with Aam Aadmi Party drifting from the basic tenets on which it was formed, even the loyal supporters of AAP are feeling robbed.”


What was born out of Anna’s protest that was against corruption, lack of accountability & transparency in government functioning morphed into political party formed by Arvind Kejriwal must against the Anna’s wish. Kejriwal stated that there couldn’t be any better way than to be a part of this dirty cluster to clean the dirt called ‘Indian politics’. But instead of changing the dynamics of politics, he became a metaphor of dirty politics.

Illusive world built on air

Indians for a long had witnessed dynastic rule in politics and corruption had become the norm in governance. In such context, Arvind Kejriwal was perceived as a change agent who would turnaround things. But the Delhi voters who had supported Kejriwal wholeheartedly were in for a shock and to their disbelief it turned out to be hype created with dirty intention of accumulating power. Public was misled on false promises and tall claims.

Corruption free governance, a political stunt


AAP came to power with a commitment to root out corruption but all that proved to be a poll plank. In the last one-year of its governance, innumerable scams have marred the functioning of AAP government in Delhi. Stings, allegations, counter-allegations have become the norm in Delhi government and in no other state in the country, so many corruption cases would have emerged in one year.

Accumulation of wealth & power is the only objective of its legislatures. With mud slinging and internal feud becoming the norm, the divide has now come into the public domain.