Kejriwal promises to turnaround Punjab just like he did with Delhi

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal promises to make Punjab better, My question is how exactly is he going to do that? Kejriwal has been advertising so called Delhi’s “success” for Punjab’s election and making the same old promises to Punjab “will ensure drinking water across state in one month, will finish drug menace in two months, will eradicate corruption in three month”. How exactly is he planning to improve a state in few months, unrealistic much?


Arvind Kejriwal came out with 70-point agenda Delhi, It has never happened with any political party. AAP created an image of change, hope in Delhi voters and it worked, his idea of just listing freebies worked but Kejriwal didn’t. Kejriwal is trying to do the same in Punjab, just empty promises and he is comparing Delhi and Punjab, I don’t understand how the two states are similar for comparison, Delhi is much smaller, both the states share different histories. Kejriwal knows nothing about Punjab just like Jon Snow but still insists that he can run Punjab better than people who live here, who have been in the state, running the state.

It’s good to be confident but over confidence? Kejriwal has lot on his plate being the CM of Delhi but instead of focusing on that he is looking around in other’s plate to find our what more he can have. I would suggest him to calm down and make Delhi better first before critising other states and their administration. Mr Kejriwal there are many promises to be fulfilled, like your promise of free wifi in Delh, I hope you haven’t forgotten that.

AAP: “You Can’t Have Too Many Comedians” Policy

“It is said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and Aam Adami Party seems to have taken it literally. The way comedians are joining AAP one after another; Kejriwal has surely got a solution to solve Delhi’s crumbling healthcare conditions.”


I don’t know how much we can rely on the AAP’s comedians for proper governance, but surely the people of Delhi will be offered relief from their hectic lives with a dose of humor. Have to say the non-stop entertainment and comedy will be an added bonus to Delhi voters.

The recent comedic member to the party (get it?) is comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi, he is the second stand-up comedian after Bhagwant Mann to have joined the Punjab unit of the party.

Kejriwal: The Ringleader

AAP is packed with comedian with their ringleader Mr. CM, Kejriwal, heading the show. Besides Ghuggi and Bhagwant Mann, Bollywood comedian obviously couldn’t hold back and that’s where we introduce Javed Jaffery – as he tried his luck in politics in general election but failed miserably in polls. Kejriwal tried to play dual plan by wooing the Muslim voter and cashing on his antics. Unfortunately for him, his tricks did not work and Jaffery finished fifth.

 AAP Reduces To A Comedy Show

From the looks of it Kejriwal seems to think that no time is a bad time to crack at least one joke – no matter how serious the context, be in during public rallies, assembly proceedings or TV interviews, this man always comes prepared…with a joke. And following their leader, I mean how could they not, Bhagwant Maan and the rest of the gang don’t hold back either. Especially Bhagwant Mann, as he couldn’t make it big in the comedy circle, we feel he’s trying to make full use of this opportunity to revive his lost career as a comedian.

Theatrics and cheap antics may be a way to get quick attention and may really have helped pull crowds of people at public rallies, but politics is serious business and highly involved connecting with the voters, understanding their problems and in turn offer appropriate solutions. With AAP being loaded with entertainers they may have gotten quick recognition but just like any TV series – if the material isn’t good than it’s not going to last.

The ‘Aadmi’ in Aam Aadmi Party

Aam Aadmi Party, what an interesting name kept by the in charge – Arvind Kejriwal. It’s a leading political party, a brand that can stand on it’s own – that big – and carries with it the presumed notion that it includes every human being, yes we mean even women, since the word “aadmi” is snuggled nicely in the name. But the real question is, how much of that is true? How gender neutral is Aam Aadmi Party?


Arvind Kejriwal and the whole party protested ferociously against the brutally horrific Nirbhaya gang rape case, no doubt. But it would also not be wrong to comment on the fact that this was also the foundation for AAP’s rising political career and Kejriwal got immense support in the aftermath of the incident that shook the nation.

It is also important to take note at this point that Arvind Kejriwal was committed to raise the issue of women empowerment. Keeping that in mind, Kejriwal stated that the entire part would go well and beyond being mere lip service to this cause and ensure that women’s participation and visibility in all spectrums would be improved.

What sounded great to the ears theoretically, could not be seen by the eyes for miles to come. All the promises regarding women safety and security have still been unmet and rather the crime rate against women has increased at an alarming rate of 20% in just 2015 alone. What’s even more appalling is learning that AAP’s very own leaders were heavily involved in many of the reported cases of molestation and domestic violence.

No Women Representatives Found in Cabinet

The very obvious and contrasting observation to Kejriwal’s claim in ensuring women’s involvement at all important levels is that there seems to be an immense lack of women representatives within the Delhi government. There are six legislatures of AAP in Delhi and yet none of them but none them was found capable enough of allotting a mistrial berth.

Women representation is at an all-time low in the political front all together. While there aren’t any women members in political affairs committee, only one woman could make some space as a National Executing Member out of 22.

AAP whisked the general population by offering alternate politics, but as voting approaches AAP can be seen giving excuses for lacking or completely disregarding adequate representation to women.


How does an alcoholic run an anti-drug campaign?

AAP is running an anti-drug campaign in Punjab but they have forgotten to tame the addiction of their infamous party member which ironically is leading AAP’s political campaign to end ‘NashaKhori’ (addiction). Bhagwat Mann is well known comedian in Punjab, he is the crowd puller of AAP but lately we have seen news of him being drunk at religious places, party meetings and even in Parliament.


Everyone is aware about Mann’s in-disciplinary , expelled AAP leader and co-founder of the party, Yogendra Yadav had posted on his Facebook post earlier, “I discovered it first in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting of all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann was sitting next to me and smelled of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal and he nodded. Around this time I heard rumours that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk. One of his fellow MPs confirmed it to me.” Other MP’s have also gone on record about Mann reaking of alchol. After all these instances#DrunkBhagwantMann became a top trend on twitter with his video of being forced out of religious function.

Kejriwal is well aware of Mann’s alcohol consumption and antics but instead of taking strict actions against him, Kejriwal decided to elevate his position in the party reason being that Mann is a great asset to the party as he is a well known face in Punjab, he can grab votes for AAP in Punjab. We can see that neither Bhagwant Mann or Kejriwal understand’s the responsibility of running an anti-drug campaign or being a political leader. We can’t give such power to him. Bhagwant Mann is not fit for Punjab or any other state for that matter.

Is AAP dangerous for Punjab and its peace?

Arvind Kejriwal has always been quick in saving his party members and party for any controvery. When ex leader of AAP, Prashant Bhushan spoke in support of Kashmiri separatisits, Arvind Kejriwal quickly came to defend him and his party. Kejriwal termed it as personal view, but didnt speak in this matter. AAP has been supporting Khalistani separatists for personal gain.


If Kejriwal is quick to support these radical separatists, it is going to be bad for Punjab. Even AAP Member of Parliament of Patiala shares the same concern that supporting Khalistani protest is a ‘dangerous game’. He also talked how it will be a disaster for Punjabi if AAp is chosen as an alternative by the people of state.

AAP has been seen taking soft approach towards Sikh radicals and militants.

We have heard AAP MLA’s make statements like “Khalistan is not on our agenda”, remarks like these doesn’t really make sense when they have been supporting the views of Khalistani hardliners by supporting thr protest for the premature release of the militants.

If AAP doesn’t condemn such actions, country’s peace will be at stake. AAP can’t play this game of being silent on topics that might cost them vote.

AAP is silently getting them support from Sikh radical leaders, this support doesn’t only get them votes but it is also giving a wrong message and endorsing radical views. AAP coming in power in Punjab can be dangerous for Punjab, for states peace and knowing how the state recovered from the militancy in the past. I think AAP should come clear on their stand on Khalistani’s seperatists and make it clear for the people so that even they know what they are supporting by supporting AAP.