Is AAP dangerous for Punjab and its peace?

Arvind Kejriwal has always been quick in saving his party members and party for any controvery. When ex leader of AAP, Prashant Bhushan spoke in support of Kashmiri separatisits, Arvind Kejriwal quickly came to defend him and his party. Kejriwal termed it as personal view, but didnt speak in this matter. AAP has been supporting Khalistani separatists for personal gain.


If Kejriwal is quick to support these radical separatists, it is going to be bad for Punjab. Even AAP Member of Parliament of Patiala shares the same concern that supporting Khalistani protest is a ‘dangerous game’. He also talked how it will be a disaster for Punjabi if AAp is chosen as an alternative by the people of state.

AAP has been seen taking soft approach towards Sikh radicals and militants.

We have heard AAP MLA’s make statements like “Khalistan is not on our agenda”, remarks like these doesn’t really make sense when they have been supporting the views of Khalistani hardliners by supporting thr protest for the premature release of the militants.

If AAP doesn’t condemn such actions, country’s peace will be at stake. AAP can’t play this game of being silent on topics that might cost them vote.

AAP is silently getting them support from Sikh radical leaders, this support doesn’t only get them votes but it is also giving a wrong message and endorsing radical views. AAP coming in power in Punjab can be dangerous for Punjab, for states peace and knowing how the state recovered from the militancy in the past. I think AAP should come clear on their stand on Khalistani’s seperatists and make it clear for the people so that even they know what they are supporting by supporting AAP.


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