How does an alcoholic run an anti-drug campaign?

AAP is running an anti-drug campaign in Punjab but they have forgotten to tame the addiction of their infamous party member which ironically is leading AAP’s political campaign to end ‘NashaKhori’ (addiction). Bhagwat Mann is well known comedian in Punjab, he is the crowd puller of AAP but lately we have seen news of him being drunk at religious places, party meetings and even in Parliament.


Everyone is aware about Mann’s in-disciplinary , expelled AAP leader and co-founder of the party, Yogendra Yadav had posted on his Facebook post earlier, “I discovered it first in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting of all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann was sitting next to me and smelled of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal and he nodded. Around this time I heard rumours that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk. One of his fellow MPs confirmed it to me.” Other MP’s have also gone on record about Mann reaking of alchol. After all these instances#DrunkBhagwantMann became a top trend on twitter with his video of being forced out of religious function.

Kejriwal is well aware of Mann’s alcohol consumption and antics but instead of taking strict actions against him, Kejriwal decided to elevate his position in the party reason being that Mann is a great asset to the party as he is a well known face in Punjab, he can grab votes for AAP in Punjab. We can see that neither Bhagwant Mann or Kejriwal understand’s the responsibility of running an anti-drug campaign or being a political leader. We can’t give such power to him. Bhagwant Mann is not fit for Punjab or any other state for that matter.


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