The ‘Aadmi’ in Aam Aadmi Party

Aam Aadmi Party, what an interesting name kept by the in charge – Arvind Kejriwal. It’s a leading political party, a brand that can stand on it’s own – that big – and carries with it the presumed notion that it includes every human being, yes we mean even women, since the word “aadmi” is snuggled nicely in the name. But the real question is, how much of that is true? How gender neutral is Aam Aadmi Party?


Arvind Kejriwal and the whole party protested ferociously against the brutally horrific Nirbhaya gang rape case, no doubt. But it would also not be wrong to comment on the fact that this was also the foundation for AAP’s rising political career and Kejriwal got immense support in the aftermath of the incident that shook the nation.

It is also important to take note at this point that Arvind Kejriwal was committed to raise the issue of women empowerment. Keeping that in mind, Kejriwal stated that the entire part would go well and beyond being mere lip service to this cause and ensure that women’s participation and visibility in all spectrums would be improved.

What sounded great to the ears theoretically, could not be seen by the eyes for miles to come. All the promises regarding women safety and security have still been unmet and rather the crime rate against women has increased at an alarming rate of 20% in just 2015 alone. What’s even more appalling is learning that AAP’s very own leaders were heavily involved in many of the reported cases of molestation and domestic violence.

No Women Representatives Found in Cabinet

The very obvious and contrasting observation to Kejriwal’s claim in ensuring women’s involvement at all important levels is that there seems to be an immense lack of women representatives within the Delhi government. There are six legislatures of AAP in Delhi and yet none of them but none them was found capable enough of allotting a mistrial berth.

Women representation is at an all-time low in the political front all together. While there aren’t any women members in political affairs committee, only one woman could make some space as a National Executing Member out of 22.

AAP whisked the general population by offering alternate politics, but as voting approaches AAP can be seen giving excuses for lacking or completely disregarding adequate representation to women.



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