AAP: “You Can’t Have Too Many Comedians” Policy

“It is said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and Aam Adami Party seems to have taken it literally. The way comedians are joining AAP one after another; Kejriwal has surely got a solution to solve Delhi’s crumbling healthcare conditions.”


I don’t know how much we can rely on the AAP’s comedians for proper governance, but surely the people of Delhi will be offered relief from their hectic lives with a dose of humor. Have to say the non-stop entertainment and comedy will be an added bonus to Delhi voters.

The recent comedic member to the party (get it?) is comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi, he is the second stand-up comedian after Bhagwant Mann to have joined the Punjab unit of the party.

Kejriwal: The Ringleader

AAP is packed with comedian with their ringleader Mr. CM, Kejriwal, heading the show. Besides Ghuggi and Bhagwant Mann, Bollywood comedian obviously couldn’t hold back and that’s where we introduce Javed Jaffery – as he tried his luck in politics in general election but failed miserably in polls. Kejriwal tried to play dual plan by wooing the Muslim voter and cashing on his antics. Unfortunately for him, his tricks did not work and Jaffery finished fifth.

 AAP Reduces To A Comedy Show

From the looks of it Kejriwal seems to think that no time is a bad time to crack at least one joke – no matter how serious the context, be in during public rallies, assembly proceedings or TV interviews, this man always comes prepared…with a joke. And following their leader, I mean how could they not, Bhagwant Maan and the rest of the gang don’t hold back either. Especially Bhagwant Mann, as he couldn’t make it big in the comedy circle, we feel he’s trying to make full use of this opportunity to revive his lost career as a comedian.

Theatrics and cheap antics may be a way to get quick attention and may really have helped pull crowds of people at public rallies, but politics is serious business and highly involved connecting with the voters, understanding their problems and in turn offer appropriate solutions. With AAP being loaded with entertainers they may have gotten quick recognition but just like any TV series – if the material isn’t good than it’s not going to last.


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