Kejriwal promises to turnaround Punjab just like he did with Delhi

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal promises to make Punjab better, My question is how exactly is he going to do that? Kejriwal has been advertising so called Delhi’s “success” for Punjab’s election and making the same old promises to Punjab “will ensure drinking water across state in one month, will finish drug menace in two months, will eradicate corruption in three month”. How exactly is he planning to improve a state in few months, unrealistic much?


Arvind Kejriwal came out with 70-point agenda Delhi, It has never happened with any political party. AAP created an image of change, hope in Delhi voters and it worked, his idea of just listing freebies worked but Kejriwal didn’t. Kejriwal is trying to do the same in Punjab, just empty promises and he is comparing Delhi and Punjab, I don’t understand how the two states are similar for comparison, Delhi is much smaller, both the states share different histories. Kejriwal knows nothing about Punjab just like Jon Snow but still insists that he can run Punjab better than people who live here, who have been in the state, running the state.

It’s good to be confident but over confidence? Kejriwal has lot on his plate being the CM of Delhi but instead of focusing on that he is looking around in other’s plate to find our what more he can have. I would suggest him to calm down and make Delhi better first before critising other states and their administration. Mr Kejriwal there are many promises to be fulfilled, like your promise of free wifi in Delh, I hope you haven’t forgotten that.


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