FIR Filed Against AAP MLA

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan in police custody for allegation against threatening a women who visited his home to raise issues on power cut and water issues. The Jamia Nagar police have registered a non-cognizable report (NCR) under section 506 (criminal intimidation) against the Okhla MLA for threatening the locals who were protesting.  Alok Kumar Verma and Syed Taseer with other two protesters filled the complain.

This is what the complainants have to say, “We were holding a peaceful protest to raise issues like underdevelopment of Okhla, worst civic condition, deteriorated condition of roads and lanes, improper drainage and garbage disposal system, and lack of basic amenities like electricity, water, health, hygiene and public schools”

The protesters were asked to leave the venue and were threatened with dire consequences for continuing the protest. Syed Taseer Ahmad, is quoted in the complaint saying the MLA allegedly intimidated him using threatening words. “…agar dharna khatam nahi kiya toh tujhe main kaat ke Yamuna mein phenk dunga (if you don’t call off the protests, I will cut you into pieces and throw the body parts into Yamuna)”. Police is waiting for a court order before taking any action against the accused MLA Amantullah Khan.

According to AAP the case is ‘fake’ and is ‘politically motivated’, it has become very convenient for AAP to use ‘political motivation’ as an excuse for all the wrong doings of AAP MLA. There are 12 FIRs filed against AAP leader, all 12 can’t be fake. AAP should start taking responsibilities for their actions.

Auto And Taxi Union Strike In Delhi

Delhi’s auto and taxi unions went on indefinite strike today. 85,000 autos and 15,000 yellow-black taxis have gone off the roads. Auto and taxi unions are protesting against Uber and Ola operating in the city. Krishan Verma, president of All Delhi Auto-Taxi Transport Congress Union (ADATTCU), said “the drivers are protesting against app-based services. Uber and Ola don’t have permit to run their taxis in Delhi, but despite that the government is allowing them to take away our livelihood.”

It’s the first time city’s rival taxi unions, affiliated to major political parties including BJP and Congress, have come together and given a call for a strike. Rajendra Son, general secretary of Delhi Autorichshaw Sandh and Delhi Pradesh Taxi Union said that there is “no room” for talks with Delhi government.

AAP termed the strike politically-motivated and also mentioned that app based cab services doesn’t come under its ambit and instead center should do something in this regard but the auto drivers terms these app based operations as illegal as they don’t have permit from the Delhi transport department to ply their taxis.

Government has been assuring the taxi drivers that they will take actions against these services, during the second phase of odd-even, Arvind Kejriwal also threatened to take actions against uber and ola over complaints of surge pricing  but they have failed to fulfill their commitment. Commuters can feel heat of the strike. Delhi government should take actions soon to keep both the public and taxi drivers happy.

AAP Dissents forms Apna Punjab Party

Kejriwal’s ‘authoritarian’ nature gets AAP in trouble again. Few member of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) resigned from the party to form a new group Apna Punjab Party to raise issues of Punjab and people of Punjab. Karanjit Singh Sran, Babu Singh Brar and Faridkot are among the few members of AAP who resigned from party on Sunday.

During the press confrence Karamjit Singh Sran mentioned that AAP has abandoned its principles and that is the reason for resigning from AAP. Resigned members also state that AAP is selling fake dreams to people and dude to Kejriwal’s dictorial approach no one in the party has the freedom to speak. A lot of people join AAP with the belief that they are going to end corruption and make their state better but in reality AAP just sells fake dreams to people for votes and to come in power.

The resigned members also mentions that AAP doesn’t haveany agenda or plan for what they are promising. It isnt the first time, during Delhi’s election Kejriwal promised a lot of things but he fell short when it came to delievering.

Is this Kejriwal’s and AAP stratergy to come in power?  Why the issues of Kejriwal being ‘authoritarian’ comes up all the time? Why are people always resigning from AAP? I think AAP is digging its own grave by not giving it’s party member a place to speak and not fulfilling the promises they make during the election. People are understanding how Kejriwal and AAP is manupuliating the public and they are done with the manupulation.


Bhagwant Mann Puts Parliament Security At Risk

Aam Aadmi Party member Bhagwant Mann on Thursday live streamed video on facebook of his journey from his home to parliament house, it included the security checks and he was explaining in details how the security check happens.

Visitors who come to parliament are not allowed any camera or even a pen drive, only MP’s and some police officers have this privilege. This was done because of security reasons specially after the parliament terror attack. It was a very irresponsible behavior from a MLA. It is not the first time when he put parliament’s dignity at stake, in 2015 he came to parliament drunk.

This is what Bhagwant Mann has to say in the issue

“I do not think I did anything wrong. I did it today and I will do It tomorrow until Lok Sabha Speaker sends me a notice in this regard. People have sent us to the Parliament. They have a right to know how questions are asked. My video pose a security threat to Parliament? Is it illegal or inappropriate to post a video which shows procedure of how questions are taken up in Parliament during question hour?”

Taking a note from this incident, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Thursday asked parliament members to maintain dignity. She told the media, “Every parliamentarian must respect and maintain dignity of Parliament. Meanwhile, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has taken cognizance of Bhagwant Mann’s video which is now being investigated.

Delhi Government Failed To Curb Crime Against Women

Crime rates against women has risen in Delhi, it has increased 20%in the last one year. In a report published by The Hindu in 2015, it was confirmed that crime against women has increased and has the most number of rape cases and Delhi was declared as “rape capital’ of India based on data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Out of the four metro cities of India, Delhi has the most number of reported cases which is 1,813 rape cases per one-lakh member of the population and Kolkata was reported the safest city with 36 cases per one lakh population. These figures are really disturbing specially when AAP promised to improve women’s secuirty and making it a priority but we can see by the stats that the crimes has increased in a year.

AAP government and Arvind Kejriwal promised women’s safety if they come to power but after the polls they have failed miserably in delievering on their promise. Kejriwal promised setting up fast track court to speed up the judicial process for crime against women but after one year of being in power there is not even a single fast track court that has been set up by the government to ensure the jusitce for women. Kejriwal held Sheila Dikshit responsible for the increased crime rates in Delhi but I wonder what he has to say now when the crime against women in Delhi has gone up by 20% in 2015 as compared to 2014.

After becoming Delhi’s CM, Kejriwal has completely forgotten about his responsibilities and has started with his infamous blame game and this time he is blaming the PM and takes no responsibility for the increase in crime rate against women or a step towards improving the safety of women in Delhi. The data released by NCRB is scary and I hope Kejriwal ends the blame game soon and start working towards women’s safety and justice.


How Talk To AAP Was Scripted/Fixed

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal was live on facebook on 17th July at 11Am on #TalktoAk show. It looks like the show was inspired from from PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme. In Talk to AK public could ask questions to Arvind Kejriwal and gives him the opportunity to interact with the citizens.

The show seemed like Kejriwal is trying to project himself as “Modi’s Equal” and also suggesting that Talk to AK is a better idea because it is a dialogue, a two way conversation unlike PM’s Mann ki Baat which is a monologue. Kejriwal hyped the show not to just project himself equal to Modi but also to gain publicity which he loves to do.

I don’t think public is going to believe in Kejriwal’s marketing gimmick, everyone knows that Kejriwal pull such stunts for his publicity and to stay in news. He should be given an award for best marketing strategist and change his profession from politics to marketing.

There are speculation that Talk to AK was a scripted show to boost the publicity of Kejriwal. There is one leaked video that proves that the show was pre-planned and the questions and answers on the show were fixed. Not only that Kejriwal only took up questions that popularized his image and only boosted about himself and his party and the work they have been doing.

Kejriwal is the TRP of media

Television broadcasting has changed a lot throughout the years and electronic media coming in has revolutionized things. TRP( Television Rating Points) has become a huge deal. News channel and electronic media run on TRP instead of news and the best thing for TRP is the politicians who shoot without thinking, on the top of the list is Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal. He offers the perfect dose of drama to keep the viewers focused on him with his cheap stunts.

Arvind Kejriwal is always on the news, he doesn’t let himself go out of public’s view and electronic media needs politicians like Kejriwal who would call their rival politicians “corrupt” mentioning their name or resign just because the bill wasn’t passed just to draw public’s attention and for news to increase their TRP. Majority of the news channel try to increase their TRP by controversies and politicians like Arvind Kejriwal are desperate to stay in the news. Every day you will see a news related to Arvind Kejriwal, he has succeeded in being in the limelight all the time.

There is a new trend that has emerged and it is infotainment as the name suggests its information and entertainment and the line between entertainment and infotainment is getting blurred day by day. Every channel is desperate to gain TRP even if it comes at the cost of quality. Media’s constant focus on Arvind Kejriwal has worked well for both of them, it gave Kejriwal national fame and helped the channels with their TRP. Arvind Kejriwal needs the media and media needs Arvind Kejriwal.