AAP might be headed for a split in Punjab

arvind.jpg Kejriwal is confident that he is going to have a clean sweep in Punjab or should I say overconfident? Kejriwal claims that AAP will get at least 100 seats out of 117 in the forthcoming polls in Punjab but it is far from believable as there are claims of internal rift within the party and it doesn’t seem to settle down. Three out of four AAP MP’s in Punjab have raised their disagreement against party chief Arvind Kejriwal. The rifts between party members refuse to die down as the members have revolted against the dictatorship of Kejriwal.

The three MP’s- Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi (Patiala), Harinder Singh Khalsa (Fatehgarh) and Prof Sadhu Singh (Faridkot) have been very vocal about the disagreements and have also demanded to bring back the expelled leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Patiala MP Dr. Dharamvir went on record about the issues with Kejriwal and termed him a ‘dictator’ and also said that AAP is no different from Mayawati’s and Mulayam Singh Yadav’s parties. Kejriwal has always been called a dictator and his party member also agrees to this. It is also said that elected members of parliament are not allowed to appoint their own staff.

With so many rifts between the party members and Kejriwal’s dictatorship style, he won’t be able to survive in Punjab, forget about the big win. Without someone to take control and give right directions, AAP state in Punjab is a complete mess when party might be heading for a major split. Beside the lack in organisational structure, AAP doesn’t have a clean plan for Punjab; there are some vague promises and every AAP leader rooting to be the CM of Punjab. For AAP to win in Punjab, they should know the state better and resolve their internal issues and stop with anarchic approach otherwise AAP is digging its own grave.


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