Votes More Important Than Farmer’s Life

Kejriwal represents the “Aam Aadmi”, a commoner who understands the problems of common man, whose heart beat for the poor people of India but that seems far from the reality. Remember when a farmer went on to end his life, and AAP’s party leader was busy with his rally and getting himself clicked and posing for the camera.

Kejriwal has been touring in Punjab to understand the issues of the farmers. Just before the assembly polls in state, it looks like another stunt to gain publicity and grab votes. Punjab is an agricultural state, farmer’s community is a huge vote bank and these stunts are to attract that vote bank. People are well aware of these poll gimmicks and it won’t last long as the truth will come out soon and we will be able to see all the unfinished promises.

His truth is already about his care and concern for the farmers, people still remembers about farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide at AAP rally. When the distressed farmer was ending his life by hanging to a tree, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was busy completing his speech about how farmer’s conditions are bad in the country, posing for the camera became more important than a human life. He couldn’t stop as the farmer was taken down from the tree because somehow political benefit is more important than the human life.

When farmers are committing, AAP MLA’s who are supposed to be representing common man are more interested in 400% salary hike than a farmer’s life. We can see the double standards of AAP and senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh agrees with it, “Jab desh mei itne farmers suicide kar rhe hai, aise samay par hum apni salary badhaye ye sahi nhi hai” (At a time when farmers are committing suicide in our country, it is not right for us to increase our salaries.). This double standard is slowly becoming evident to the citizens, Let’s see if Kejriwal understands this and take the right measures otherwise AAP isn’t even close to winning in Punjab.


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