Last one year of AAP: Broken promises and a lot of controversies

AAP party leader is pro at making promises; he promised free water, subsided electricity, free wifi and many other things during Delhi poll. After 1 year of coming in power, Kejriwal and his party failed miserably. Party might have gained on emotion front but failed on performing in Delhi.

AAP’s manifesto and promises worked well during Delhi poll, results can be seen but fulfilling those promises during the time of election was not in their plan. Kejriwal promises a lot but doesn’t deliver anything that can be seen in the last year of AAP. Those promises were made just for the vote bank, reality can be seen now.

Promises made by Kejriwal and his party were unrealistic, impractical, unreasonable and not well thought off and this can be seen in AAP’s progress in the past one year. Party has failed to fulfill majority of the promises they made pre-poll in Delhi. Kejriwal has been focused on PM Modi and creating controversies, AAP doesn’t have anything positive or concrete to offer to citizens of Delhi.

AAP wanted to decrease corruption and pollution, still no progress in both and every other day there is some controversy regarding AAP and their ministers. AAP created hope among Delhi voters which can be seen by the Delhi poll results when AAP came in power with majority of votes but soon that bubble brusted when all the claims AAP made were not fulfilled. One year of AAP just had controversies, trolls and no serious work, those promises were just lies to gain votes in election just like most politicians do.


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